Whitman Independent Advisors releases iWealth money map app

The inevitable rush to app-ify everything from shopping to sleep time has resulted in a host of interesting apps much like the recently released iWealth Basic which has just been made available by Whitman Independent Advisors.

The app, which is available for free download on iOS and Android allows users to input some basic data like their income, expenses, existing commitments and whatnot to crunch out the best way for them to achieve their financial goals. To that end, the app suggests a series of personalised strategies and users get to see the potential outcome of their financial decisions on their finances both in the present and the future.

According to Whitman Independent Advisors, the app is likened to a ‘financial Waze’ of sorts to identify the best approach to achieve their financial goals. Handy, that if you’re wont to scribble your budget on the back of a napkin. For details swing by www.whitman.com.my


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