The Wattozz wireless electroshock gun now available in Malaysia

The Wattozz wireless electroshock gun now available in Malaysia

When it comes to non-lethal methods to incapacitate perps, most law enforcement officers in many countries often resort wired electroshock guns that rely on a wired dart such as the popular Tazer electric gun to deliver a disabling electric charge though the new Wattozz Gun aims to offer a new option as it is effectively the first wireless electroshock weapon in Malaysia.

Originally developed in 2015 by the Albayraklar group in Turkey, the Wattozz Gun is essentially an electroshock weapon with a new delivery system. It comes with a pistol style plastic housing that fires off electroshock rounds stored in two barrels in an over-and-under arrangement out to a maximum of 10 metres. The rounds themselves are rather large affairs with a pair of needle-like probes up front to deliver the electric charge and are reusable once placed back into the weapon.

Where the Wattozz stands out is that it has the ability to let a user dial the strength of the electroshock effect with three different settings (Low, Medium and High) depending on how belligerent and how tough the target is and you’re even able to dial in how strong each of the two released shock rounds are even after they’ve left the barrel. Other mod-cons include a built-in HD camera for an evidence trail, an integrated laser sight, a flashlight and a human voice warning system. By using a single round rather than a pair of wired cables and the ability to dial the yield as needed, the Wattozz gun is essentially both more accurate and more effective with less chance of unwanted outcomes.

In terms of pricing, the Wattozz Gun looks impressive indeed as it has zero expendables involved in its usage seeing as the darts are reusable. Prices for a single Wattozz Gun run around a ballpark of USD2000 at launch. The Wattozz Gun is now available for consideration to authorised law enforcement organisations in Malaysia via Dian Synergy who has been appointed as the sole exclusive distributor for the Wattozz gun in Malaysia. For more details visit

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