Wide range of Water Purifying Systems now available in Malaysia from Senheng

Wide range of Water Purifying Systems now available in Malaysia from Senheng

If you live in Malaysia you’ll likely be conversant with the water quality from our taps, or rather, the lack thereof which is likely why you’d be greeted with an incredulous look from all and sundry if you even contemplate drinking straight from the tap.

Unfortunately, it’s not something chalked up to urban myth or idle speculation. Our tap water has a bad taste and odour, according to a study by Universiti Putra Malaysia’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences which makes drinking it an unpleasant experience to say the least.

Water purifying systems? Why do we need them?

While our water has been vouched to be safe to drink by the Minister of Water, Land and Natural Resources, the condition of the pipes it goes through to reach our homes are a bit of a crapshoot. This is on account of the fact that these water mains and pipes can be old and rusty and at certain spots along the network, the water can end up stagnant which can result in sand and moss accumulating and affecting the water quality.

Even the water tanks in your home can contribute to the problem if they’re not cleaned regularly. All this tends to affect the purity, taste and odour of the water which is why many homes in Malaysia install a water purifier as a matter of necessity on top of boiling their water for drinking.

senheng water purifiers

The challenge here is that there’s so many types and brands of water purifying systems out there from a plethora of providers many of which only offer a single brand or only a few to choose from, which means consumers have to do a ton of leg work and research.

Fortunately, that’s where a national retailer like Senheng comes into the picture. Here’s 3 awesome reasons why you ought to acquire your next water purifier system at Senheng. 

#1 Why choose Senheng when purchasing water purifier systems?

Not only does Senheng stock the latest home electronics and white goods, they also a wide choice of water purifiers from many of the most reputable brands in the market for you to choose from. 

When you’re browsing through Senheng for a water purifier system for your home, you’re able to pick some of the best brands in the market from the likes of Bio Pure, Chung Ho, LG and Panasonic to choose from so you’re spoilt for choice!

 Not sure what to buy? A Senheng sales assistant is able to help customers to compare the benefits and features among the variety of brands available to help customers find the right water purifier for them.

#2 Multiple Payment Modes at Senheng

Investing in a quality water purifier system can be a substantial outlay but Senheng has you sorted with a variety of payment options.

On top of the usual cash and credit, qualified customers can opt to take advantage of Senheng’s 12-month, 24-month and 36-month installment plans via approved banks.

Customers may even opt for a rental plan, allowing for an exceptionally affordable way to get a water purifier system in your home today.

Senheng water purifier multiple payment modes


#3 Rewards and Rebates Galore with PlusOne Loyalty Programme

Purchases at Senheng earn you reward points if you are a member of Senheng’s PlusOne loyalty programme. These PlusOne reward points can be redeemed for exciting rebates that include a range of electronic appliances on Member’s Day and more. Membership also confers an extra one year warranty on purchased products too which makes signing up to be a Senheng PlusOne member a very rewarding proposition indeed!

Customers may visit any Senheng outlet in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor to experience and purchase the aforementioned range of water purifier systems as well as find out more about Senheng’s rewarding PlusOne loyalty programme and exceptionally diverse range of payment modes . For more details, please visit http://bit.ly/30yK0Zq

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