Watching movies on the go just got a lot better with the Samsung Galaxy Note9. Here’s why

Watching movies on the go just got a lot better with the Samsung Galaxy Note9. Here’s why

Bob Dylan certainly nailed it right with his timeless tune ‘The Times They Are A-Changing’. The way we consume entertainment has fundamentally changed from the days of our parents. The proliferation of better broadband and new technologies has resulted in a generation that now enjoys content be it movies, dramas or even the news broadcast mostly on their phones.

While almost any smartphone can do the job in a pinch with varying levels of effectiveness, a few stand out from the crowd as they are able to offer an exceptionally superior viewing experience in every single way. Here’s why watching movies on the go are simply better on the Samsung Galaxy Note9.

Huge 6.4-inch WQHD+ Super AMOLED Infinity display

The Galaxy Note9’s massive Super AMOLED display has an extremely generous 2,960 x 1,440 pixel resolution and a crisp 516 pixels per inch along with a wide 18.5:9 aspect ratio that makes it fantastic for watching feature films. On top of crisp detail, the Galaxy Note9’s Super AMOLED display offers excellent colour reproduction along with superb contrast with beautifully deep blacks and exceptionally brilliant whites onscreen. Viewing angles are great too which allows for you to share the view with someone sitting next to you if you deign to do so.

Naturally, all these properties make watching movies and content on the Galaxy Note9 an absolute treat. Prop it up at the right angle or get their Clear View Standing Cover (RM225) which has a built-in stand and you can catch up on your K-dramas or your favourite movies anytime, anywhere. Just don’t get too carried away and miss your flight, mind.

Stereo speakers tuned by AKG

Most phones have one piddly tiny mono speaker at the base of the phone. The Galaxy Note9 sports a pair of stereo speakers that put it a grade above the competition. One speaker is emplaced near the earpiece while the other is located at the bottom of the phone with the whole setup tuned by AKG. Needless to say, music and especially movies sound way better on the Galaxy Note9. If you’re of a more discerning bent, you can even customise your own unique audio profile for your own ears.

This setup ensures that viewing content a  more viscerally enjoyable experience and even if you don’t want to share the sound of all those explosions or your tastes in music with all and sundry, you still have the option of using the bundled pair of AKG earbuds for a spot of private listening.

Huge 4,000mAh Battery life that can last you all day

Smartphones are an ideal way to enjoy videos in those moments of time between work or the commute though even in those periods many end up cutting the experience short or skipping it for fear or rapidly draining battery life faster than the prawn bucket at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Fortunately the Samsung Galaxy Note9 has a huge 4,000mAh battery that is able to last all day long, even if you go at it full tilt and catch up on several back-to-back episodes of Westworld.

Sounds sweet but what else does the Galaxy Note9 have to offer?

The audio visual trifecta – a luscious Super AMOLED display, stereo speakers and a humongous battery to let you keep watching all those movies and dramas is all well and good but there’s one particular pickle that very few other phones can tackle but which the Galaxy Note9 resolves handily in an extremely impressive fashion – storage.

As any seasoned phone user will know, data costs a bunch and movies, especially if you save them in sufficiently high visual quality to make full use of the Galaxy Note9’s WQHD+ display, take up a lot of space. Fortunately, the Galaxy Note 9 has tons of space to spare and more besides.

Up to 1TB storage on the Samsung Galaxy Note9

The Galaxy Note9 comes with a top-of-the-line variant which has an absolutely gigantic amount of storage to the tune of 512GB which can be augmented via the microSD card slot with up to a 512GB card. In general, just relying on the internal 512GB of storage alone gets you about 2,315 movies or drama episodes and if you add in the microSD card, you get over 4,700 movies, depending on what resolution you store them in.

Combined with the microSD card, the Samsung Galaxy Note9 can potentially give you up to 1TB of storage which literally lets you store entire seasons worth of dramas and enough movies to last you a couple of round-the-world trips. Other phones either lack a microSD card storage expansion slot entirely or they have to make do with piddly amounts of onboard storage which need you to fastidiously clean up the mess ever so often or go (shudder) without entertainment.

Storing all these movies and dramas on your phone means you can enjoy them at leisure on your own terms, even if your data connection is spotty or you’re stuck in places with no data (or exorbitantly expensive rates) like a plane or a bus in the sticks.

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 is now available nationwide with the 8GB RAM/ 512GB model retailing for RM4,599 while 6GB RAM/128GB model retails for RM3,699. For more details swing by

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