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If you’re missing the antics and more driven focus of the original Watch Dogs, you’re in luck as Ubisoft has rolled out the Watch Dogs Legions Bloodline expansion pack which features the eponymous Aiden from the original game and Wrench in a mini campaign.

In Bloodline, you follow Aiden as he takes a fixer job in London to reconnect with his nephew Jackson after the events of the first game. The job? Get into a laboratory from Broca Tech to nick a unique piece of tech but as always, the mission goes pear-shaped and it’s naturally up to you and Aiden to clean up the mess.

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Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline Price

To play the Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline expansion, you’ll need Watch Dogs Legion, the base game to run. The expansion can be accessed via the season pass which costs RM95 or as a standalone purchase at RM45. On top of the campaign, Season Pass owners can get Aiden and Wrench to use in their main campaign or in online mode, each of which have unique abilities. Which are:

  • Aiden Pearce comes with: 
    • Focus: Slowmo aiming after takedown
    • System Crash: Disable electronics in the area
    • Gunslinger: Well-timed reload buffs damage
  • Wrench comes with: 
    • Summon Sergei: summons a Custom Drone
    • Ninja Balls: Mini LTL Flashbangs
    • Lady Smash: a Big Custom Hammer
    • MPX SMG and LTL Grenade Launcher: custom skins on unique weapon arsenal

Watch Dogs Legion, the Bloodline expansion and season pass are now available on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, the Epic Games store, the Ubisoft store and Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S.

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