Seeking awesome big-screen viewing in a compact form factor? ViewSonic’s award-winning compact form factor M1, M1 Mini and X10-4K LED projectors have you sorted

There’s something visceral about enjoying movies on large display which does explain the proliferation of ever larger TVs taking up centre stage in living rooms across the planet. As enjoyable as they may be, the sheer size of modern TVs are also a disadvantage, taking up valuable real estate in smaller homes that may not necessarily have the space to begin with as well as lending itself to being less than portable, if not  fragile to move around.

 In scenarios like this where users need a highly compact viewing solution that can offer large-screen viewing in a compact form factor, an LED projector is an ideal solution that’s not only effective, reliable and affordable too which is where Viewsonic’s line-up of award-winning compact LED projectors come into the picture.

Viewsonic LED

Why pick Viewsonic LED Projectors?

For the uninitiated, an LED projector functions in a somewhat similar fashion as a traditional lamp based projector with the key advantage being that LEDs last longer, have lower heat output and thus less need for noisy cooling fans which, by extension, also means less noise.

This makes LED projectors smaller, more compact and more importantly, quieter too which is why the range of ViewSonic LED projectors have consistently remained as one of the top 3 best selling brands in Malaysia for the entirety of 2019 from Q1 to Q4 based on data from the Future Source Report for 2019. According to the report, ViewSonic LED projectors also managed to achieve an impressive 55% market share in Malaysia in 2019 which is quite an achievement indeed.

Viewsonic LED top 3
Leading the charge for ViewSonic’s award-winning LED projector line-up is their flagship X-series  X10-4K home projector that serves up stunning 4K UHD resolution video with excellent colour reproduction and rich audio from Harman Kardon in a form factor little larger than a shoebox. That means you can enjoy a cinematic experience anywhere in the house. Also available are Viewsonic’s M series portable LED projectors with the M1 and M1 mini Plus offering portable viewing in a super compact pocket-sized form factor. Here’s how they stack up:

ViewSonic M1+ LED Projector – Portable Performer

The stylish Viewsonic M1+ is a  compact LED projector capable of projecting up to an 80-inch, WVGA resolution view from up to 2.6 metres away from its vibrant 300 ANSI Lumens LED array which also sports their ViewSonic SuperColor tech for faithful colour reproduction onscreen.

Exceptionally compact and portable with dimensions that are literally palm-sized, the ViewSonic M1+ boasts of a slick design with an integrated Smart Stand which doubles as a lens cover, ensuring easy setup anytime, anywhere while the integrated battery offers up to 6 hours of usage on the go. In fact, the ViewSonic M1’s sleek design has earned it the prestigious iF Design Award for 2018.

Viewsonic LED M1 projector
Built-in Harman Kardon stereo speakers ensure a rich audiovisual experience on the go while comprehensive connectivity including an HDMI 1.4 and USB Type-C port on top of built-in WiFi and Bluetooth enable you to connect wirelessly with anything from your smartphone to your laptop.

Rated for over 30,000 lamp hours of operational life, the ViewSonic M1+ offers exceptional value and longevity over its service life for many years to come. In Malaysia, the ViewSonic M1+ retails for RM1,499 and is available at ViewSonic’s Lazada store online. For more details on the M1+ LED projector visit their official link at

Viewsonic LED M1 projector side

ViewSonic M1 Mini LED Projector – Pocket Sized Powerhouse 

One of ViewSonic’s most compact offerings ever made, the M1 Mini is an amazingly compact ultra-portable LED projector that also looks stylish too with a variety of changeable vanity projector panels so you can change its look based on the occasion.

Viewsonic M1 Mini -Viewsonic LED projector

 Designed for true portability, the M1 Mini is an LED projector with WVGA resolution and 120 LED Lumens brightness that lets you enjoy portable viewing in an amazingly light and slim form factor that can fit into your pocket. A built-in battery with 2.5 hours of usage along with an integrated Smart Stand Lets you set up and play in seconds.

It even runs off a powerbank too for extended usage outdoors away from a plug point, making it the perfect complement for large-screen movie watching and even gaming  along with a means to deliver memorable presentations on the go. In Malaysia, the ViewSonic M1 Mini LED projector is available for RM599 and is available ViewSonic’s Lazada store soon. For more details on the M1+ LED projector visit their official link at

Viewsonic M1 Mini angled award

ViewSonic X10-4K UHD Smart LED Projector – Premium Home Entertainment Maestro

Boasting of a luxuriously finished metal and leather chassis that has been conferred the iF Design Award for 2019, the ViewSonic X10-4K LED Projector is a premium offering capable of delivering superb home entertainment experiences in any part of your home. 

Viewsonic X10 4K

To ensure vivid details and superb contrast, the 2nd generation LED array is capable of offering up a vibrant 2,400 LED Lumens while integrated High Dynamic Range (HDR10) support combined with Cinema SuperColor+ tech ensures faithful colour reproduction with support reaching over 125% of the Rec.709 colour range to ensure movies, photos and games alike look fantastic onscreen.

Seeing is half the picture though and the ViewSonic X10-4K also hosts theatre-level Harman Kardon speakers to ensure vivid immersion as if you’re really in the middle of the action. It also packs WiFi connectivity, allowing you to stream rich content off your smartphone or laptop too with up a 100-inch image in glorious 4K resolution. It’s also whisper quiet as well on account of a unique tri-axis flow fan that rapidly dissipates heat while keeping noise levels ot a minimum. The ViewSonic X10-4K is available for RM5,999 at ViewSonic’s online Lazada store here.

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