Unleash your ImagineNation and win the Galaxy Note9

Unleash your ImagineNation and win the Galaxy Note9

If you have a creative streak about you now is the time to show is as Samsung is launching their Unleash your ImagineNation contest where you can win weekly tickets to the Selfie Museum and the clincher a Galaxy Note9, one of the most powerful phones that money can currently buy.

What you have to do is to simply take pictures and embellish them with doodles following a set theme that they will announce for a given period of time with three themes available for the duration of the contest period. The themes are:

Theme 1: Chiller than Chill (21st to 30th December 2018)
Theme 2: Chitter Chatter (1st to 10th January 2019)
Theme 3: Eat, Eat, Eat (14th to 24th January 2019)

There are, of course, a few specific steps to follow so that they can see your entries. Here’s what you have to do:

1)     Take a photo according to the given theme
2)     Add your creative doodles onto the photo according to the themes
3)     Post it on Instagram with #ImagineNationNote9 and tag @SamsungMalaysia
4)     Ensure that your Instagram account is set to “Public”

Time to get started! For some creative ideas for the Unleash your ImagineNation competition, check out these samples below.

For more details on the contest visit https://www.samsung.com/my/offer/mobile/imaginenation/

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