Ultralight and slim Dyson V8 Slim cord-free vacuum weighs just 2.2kg, costs just RM1,799 1

Ultralight and slim Dyson V8 Slim cord-free vacuum weighs just 2.2kg, costs just RM1,799

Dyson has made a name for itself as one of the most reputable choices in dust busting cord-free vacuums like their absurdly powerful V11 cord-free vacuum along with being on every ladies wishlist for hair care products with the likes of the Corrale hair straightener, the Airwrap and their Supersonic hair dryer. This time around, they’ve come up with a unique offering for the Asian market that’s not only the lightest cord-free vacuum they’ve made but also one of the most affordable too. Meet the Dyson V8 Slim.

Dyson V8 Slim side

Essentially, the Dyson V8 Slim is a much more refined design of the earlier V8 cord-free vacuum but which has significant additional weight savings to make it 40% lighter and slimmer than its predecessor. It weighs just 2.15kg which is exceptionally light for a cord-free vacuum; some gaming laptops are heavier than this, mind. 

The lighter chassis also has a lighter soft roller head made of aerospace grade 6061 aluminium that has the same high performance envelope to make it 28% slimmer than the older roller head. 

Dyson V8 slim head

While the flagship V11 is several orders of magnitude more powerful than the V8 Slim, this svelte cord-free vacuum is  nonetheless a potent dustbuster in its own right with the same cyclone tech as its successor with a V8 digital motor capable of spinning up to 107,000rpm paired with their renowned high efficiency filtration system that’s capable of picking up particles as small as 0.3 microns such as pollen and mould into a clean, bag-free container for easy disposal.

In terms of battery life, the Dyson V8 Slim can run for 30 minutes in normal mode but if you’re looking to deal with a bigger mess, you can kick in a high-powered Boost mode that lasts 7 minutes for enhanced cleaning power.

Dyson V8 Slim attachments and price

In terms of attachments, the Dyson V8 Slim cord-free vacuum comes with the new soft roller cleaner head, a combination tool, a mini motorised head, a mini soft dusting brush, a mattress tool and a unique tool unavailable even on other Dyson vacuums – a light-pipe crevice tool. It’s essentially their crevice tool for cleaning corners and the like but with two LED lights mounted on it for better visibility. 

dyson v8 slim light crevice

Just to give you an idea of what’s in the box, here’s a diagram of what attachments come bundled with the Dyson V8 Slim.

Dyson V8 Slim

The Dyson V8 Slim is now available nationwide for RM1,799 online at www.dyson.my, authorised retailers nationwide as well as the Dyson Demo stores at The Gardens Mall and Midvalley Southkey mall.

dyson v8 slim