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Tech accessory purveyor UGREEN is offering something new in their line-up that will be available for backers on IndieGogo that they’ve dubbed as the X-Kit hub stand which is a combination of a docking station and a laptop hub in an ultra-compact portable form factor.

The UGREEN X-Kit folds down into a flat, squarish but surprisingly light form factor on account of being constructed of aerospace grade aluminium. When put on the weighing scale, it’s just 282.9 grams – a fifth of the weight of a 13-inch MacBook Pro.

UGREEN’s X-Kit hero
Deploying it is simply a matter of pulling the ends apart like an accordion. Lift the stand up and you’re effectively in business with the ability to support the weight of almost any size laptop including gaming rigs on account of its heavy construction.

UGREEN’s X-Kit product

Four predefined pegs in the base of the UGREEN X-Kit let you adjust a laptop to one of 4 different positions at 15, 20, 30 and 33 degree angles while a pair of pegs at the base prevent it from slipping. Where the magic begins is that the X-Kit has a plethora of ports on the side that let you get more done with less especially on ultraportable laptops that typically lack ports.

UGREEN’s X-Kit ports

On the side, you get a pair of USB 3.0 ports, a HDMI port capable of streaming 4K footage as well as an SD  and TF card reader which will endear this to photographers.

UGREEN’s X-Kit angles

UGREEN X-Kit Hub Stand Price 

On IndieGogo, the UGREEN X-Kit stand will be available for a super early bird discount of US$49 starting today which is US$50 off the retail price. Evangelist backers who signed up at the pre launch page can get a 55% discount off the price when they register at the UGREEN page  at . You can check out X-Fit on IndieGogo at their page here.

We’ve also managed to review the UGREEN X-Kit hub stand after they’ve kindly sent over a sample. You can check our review of their X-Kit here.

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