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Ugreen 1111 sales on Lazada and Shopee offer massive discounts on chargers and more

One of our favourite accessory purveyors will be having their customary sales that take place this time of year. The UGreen 1111 sales will kick off this 11th November 2022 on Lazada and Shopee with a slew of bargains on their best gear in keeping with tradition. Here’s a quick overview of what they have to offer…

UGreen 1111 Lazada special promotions

The Lazada stores will be offering their vaunted GaN Super Fast Chargers at special promotional prices such as their trusty 65W GaN charger with a UK style plug for just RM128.90 versus its original RM199 price – a 36% discount and much more with these discounts already active all the way up to the day itself. Several of the bargains are time sensitive with the first two hours of the sale from midnight to 2AM on 11th November offering a 5% discount if you buy any 2 items on their Lazada store and 10% off if you buy 3 items so you can stack the discounts up.

Ugreen 1111 sales lazada

There are also special prices for their other gear such as their sturdy armature for just RM11.11, a USB-C adaptor for just RM1 and more. You can check it out on their Lazada store at 

Ugreen 1111 sales special prices

UGreen 1111 Shopee special promotions

On Shopee for the Ugreen 1111 sale, the brand will be offering a free pair of T1 earbuds to the 3 buyers with the highest total of purchases, special discounts such as RM11.11 off with a minimum spend of RM99 by collecting a voucher, their famous 100W GaN fast charger for just RM179.90 versus its original RM219 price tag and more. You can check it out at

Ugreen 1111 sales special prices shopee

Ugreen 1111 sales special prices shopee 2