UGREEN 100W Gan charger full charge

Keeping all your gear charged is typically an onerous chore but UGREEN’s latest charger aims to let you swiftly juice almost all your kit in one fell swoop. Enter the UGREEN 100W GaN charger that they’ve released in Malaysia for RM169.90.

The refined successor to the original UGREEN 65W GaN charger with an even higher capacity than its predecessor, the UGREEN 100W GaN charger is able to offer up to 100W power delivery to fast charge even the most demanding, power-hungry gear. On paper, it’s able to charge a MacBook Pro in just a couple of hours and an iPhone 12 to 60% in just 30 minutes.

It packs three USB-C ports and a single USB-A port with the collective ability to simultaneously charge up to four devices at a time though charging speeds are a bit slower if you bung gear into all four ports of course; the key benefit here is that all this gear can be charged in a safer, faster fashion without heating issues on account of the use of Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductors which are smaller and more efficient.

UGREEN 100W Gan charger (1)

Two of the USB-C ports offer up to 100W max charging while the third USB port and USB-A port offer up to 22.5W max charging. 

In keeping with its predecessor, the UGREEN 100W GaN charger also supports a host of current fast charge protocols that cover most of the most popular brands including Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Charge, USB Power Delivery and QUalcomm Quick Charge which cover the vast majority of Android phones in the market.

UGREEN 100W GaN charger Price and Availability in Malaysia

For now, the UGREEN 100W GaN charger is only available with a US or EU style double pin plug but it’s not a huge challenge as both can still be gerrymandered into our own port chargers. As of now, the UGREEN 100W GaN charger priced at RM169.90 can be purchased online on  the UGREEN Lazada store and the UGREEN Shopee store.

UGREEN 100W Gan charger full charge