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Perhaps one of the largest purveyors of dramas in the golden age of Hong Kong cinema, the very name TVB brings to mind childhood classics like The Bund and The Legend of the Condor Heroes but they’re making the digital leap now as you can now download their TVBAnywhere+ app to watch as much of their shows as you want, where you want on your phone or tablet.

For RM39.90 a month, the TVBAnywhere+ App lets you watch their extensive line-up of dramas on up to two concurrent devices at a time. There’s a slew of content to plough through and quite a few familiar shows and TV series that mass over 40,000 hours of content.

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Among their popular line-up include Mama’s Day (日日妈妈声), Music War Hall(演门听),  Big Big Old World(寻人记), Bong Bong, Amigo!(诸朋好友), Dub-Of-War(好声好戏), Stars Academy(声梦奇传), Have A Big Laugh!(开心大综艺), Jade Solid Gold (劲歌金曲) and more.

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The TVBAnywhere+ app is now downloadable on the Google Play store and App store with a subscription running at RM39.90 a month. For more details, check out their page at

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