Tune in and see the next Galaxy phone at Galaxy Unpacked 2019

Tune in and see the next Galaxy phone at Galaxy Unpacked 2019

Samsung Malaysia has issued an announcement highlighting when their next uber flagship phone, the Galaxy S10 will be unveiled to the world in their upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event. This time around, it will take place in London on February 20 2019.

In local Malaysia time, you can watch the live stream for the Samsung Unpacked event on 21 February at 3.00AM which is a Thursday at www.samsung.com/my You can also register ahead of time at www.samsung.com/my/unpacked to get more insight into Samsung’s next uber flagship phone.

While the brand is usually tight lipped about their next generation offerings, odds are good that there will be at least two possible variants of the S10 based on prior outings with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 both coming in standard and larger plus sized versions. Rumours wordpress are also being bandied about that there is a third, cheaper variant that will be released of the Galaxy S10.

Other rumours are rife about the phone but based on prior outings , they’ll likely not wander too far off the track with a sharper, crisper display, a better processor, more RAM and more storage. Making the rounds on the grapevine is that the Galaxy S10 will have a more refined variant of the triple seen on the recently released Galaxy A7 or perhaps the Galaxy A9’s quad-camera array with a Galaxy S-series user interface that offers deeper control over camera functions. Another certainly would be the integration of Bixby into the phone. Again, everything is open to speculation until the curtain goes up.

Stay tuned for Unpacked 2019 and catch the Galaxy S10 in all its glory in a few weeks!