Touch ‘n Go is rolling out RFID payments for highway toll payments

If you have been lamenting the fact that the old Touch ‘n Go SmartTAG devices that you’ve been using for time immemorial are no longer being sold, well, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. While they’re soon going the way of the dodo, there’s a silver lining to this as Touch ‘n Go are bringing in something faster, more efficient and even better to pay for passage through tollgates – RFID tech.

While existing SmartTAG devices in the wild can still be used as well as Touch ‘n Go cards and MyKads to pay for passage at highway tollgates, Touch ‘n Go is rolling out their RFID technology which will supersede and eventually replace all current SmartTAG devices in the field.

Essentially, Touch ‘n Go’s RFID system consists of a special sticker with a radio frequency chip embedded in it that is stuck to your car. This sticker is unique and is linked to a particular Touch ‘n Go ewallet to deduct payments for passage. Effectively speaking, it functions just like its predecessor albeit in a more efficient fashion. Topping up the value in your linked Touch ‘n Go e-wallet paired to the RFID system is significantly easier as you can do it via online banking, debit or credit cards and, if you’re a Luddite, via offline top-ups by keying in a pin-number.

If you’re keen to hop onto the next generation RFID bandwagon, you can sign up to be a pilot phase tester. The RFID system is expected to enjoy a full roll-out sometime in January 2018 with the pilot programme starting sometime in September 2018. To date, a selection of highways in the Klang Valley are currently equipped to read RFID stickers – the full list is below but this will, as mentioned earlier, expand nationwide. If you’re keen, swing by to sign up.

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