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Chinese New Year for 2021 is certainly a strange time for all seeing the ongoing pandemic but TikTok and the vast crowd of people who participate on the platform are helping to keep the festivities up with a #MoneyMoneyHome challenge.

Tiktok, In participation with Media Prima Omnia have initiated the  #MoneyMoneyHome challenge from 5th February 2021 through to 20th February to win prizes galore via a novel minigame. All users need to do to participate and win lucrative prizes like a luxury watch, a massage-seat and more is to simply do the following on TikTok:


  • Step 1: Click on ‘Shoot’
  • Step 2: Hover on ‘Effects’ and look for the #MoneyMoneyHome game
  • Step 3: Take on the minigame by blinking to catch as many coins as possible
  • Step 4: Upload your high score with #MoneyMoneyHome and win!


For those missing a taste of home, TikTok is also introducing their #ChineseFood hashtag from 7th February onwards until the end of Chinese New Year where users can share their favourite festive grub and recipes too. TikTok is free to download on both Android and iOS and has so far proved to be an entertaining app indeed.

#MoneyMoneyHome ChineseFood


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