TikTok teams up with iflix to offer up iflix Snacks free videos

TikTok, the viral mobile video platform you’ll likely see people watching on the LRT and on the commute is getting an interesting leg-up in content as they’re teaming up with streaming purveyor iFlix to offer iflix Snacks, which consists of some of their best videos on the paid streaming platform for free.

These iflix Snacks, as iflix is wont to call these bite-sized bits of content allow iflix users to watch the best TikTok videos that the platform ahas hs to offer for free across a host of diverse genres to fit your fancy from travel, comedy all the way to more eclectic subjects.

The iflix Snacks videos are free to watch and last a couple of minutes each. Seeing their origins, the videos vertically oriented with the usual black pillars you’d expect along with a ton of pop-up ads but they’re good for a lark.

There’s plenty of hilarious clips on offer though your mileage may vary depending on your sense of humour. To view them all, saunter on over to the link at https://www.iflix.com/collections/studios/iflixxtiktok

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