There’s a slew of news surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak with varying degrees of veracity but TikTok, as a responsible technology company, are helping to raise awareness and are empowering Malaysians to understand more about the pandemic with a comprehensive FAQ page that’s constantly updated.

tiktok covid 19
The official TikTok COVID-19 page hosts the latest numbers on the status of the outbreak both globally and in Malaysia. It also hosts a comprehensive list of guidelines and primers on what the coronavirus is,  how to protect yourself as well as an extensive chart of myths surrounding the outbreak that are addressed or the World Health Organisation. 

TikTok Covid 19 myth 1

TikTok Covid 19 myth 2

There’s regular situational updates to the site so it’s well worth bookmarking and keeping an eye on. Check out TikTok’s official COVID-19 update page here.


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