Attack on Titan attackontitan

The titular manga series is finally seeing its conclusion with the release of the final volume while the anime series will wrap up next year but TikTok is looking to commemorate one of the most enduring icons in pop culture with a series of #AttackonTitan challenges to win some sweet prizes.

The #AttackonTitan challenges comprises a slew of unique effects and are ongoing until 31st May 2021. To participate, you need to follow the official ‘Attack on Titan’ account on TikTok, hashtag your videos with #AttackonTitan and then you’re in the running to win some cool related merch including a Survey Corps cloak, a themed smartphone case, tote bags and more.

#AttackonTitan Effects

One of the effects is a Titan Roulette minigame that lets you see how you look like as one of the 9 titular Titans in the game. You can also activate a new green screen mode where you can play the part of the Titan in the first episode of the eponymous series taking down Wall Maria.

Of course, you also need TikTok and it’s free to download on the Google Play store and the Apple app store. For more details check out

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