Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival coming this 6th November with amazing street eats, ice-cool Tiger Beers and more 1

The ongoing pandemic has affected everyone and things we’ve taken for granted seem like pipe dreams like the chance to vivaciously experience the sights and sounds of our regular street food scene but Tiger Beer is looking to bring the magic back in a virtual fashion as they’re bringing in the Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival to Malaysia and yes it’s everything you imagine and quite a bit more.

Hyperbole aside, the Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival is a special event where you sign up and login to a small virtual world of sorts where you can play mini games and order street food along with your favourite Tiger beers to go with it.

Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival central hub

There’s a central hub where you can experience two special minigames, one of which is a Tiger Beer Hunt where you have to find hidden bottles of Tiger beer on the map and the other is the Tiger Crystal Mountain Climber Challenge game that relies on fast reflexes to win. The experience here is not unlike a third person sandbox game and if you’ve played Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row, you’ll be right at home with the combination of WSAD and direction keys to get about.

From there, you’re able to visit three special virtual hawker lanes, with one each for Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Penang where you can explore the streets virtually with your avatar and then order food at each stall from a specially curated menu to be delivered straight to your home paired with an ice-cool pint of Tiger beer to go with it.

Naturally, you’ll have to check if your place is within delivery range and so far this covers Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Penang though users outside of these areas can still browse and see other exciting curated street food vendors in the manner of a food guide around their area to try on their own later on.

Combo meals also get a free set of Tiger Street Food chopsticks too with 2 exclusive designs to collect.

Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival chopsticks

Food is only half the equation though – at 7.00PM on Friday 6th November, Namewee will be live streaming a special performance straight from Taiwan to serenade virtual festival goers in true street fashion.

There’s no need to find parking, no need to fight for a table and you get your grub and a pint delivered straight to your front door without having to get off the couch – that’s the power of tech for you.

When does the Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival begin?

We took a gander around the streets and there’s plenty of tasty stuff available with a rotating roster of vendors as the festival goes on. The Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival starts at 7.00PM on Friday 6th November and stays open from 11.00AM to 9.00PM every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until the end of November.

Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival set yut kee

The festival isn’t officially open just yet but we managed to take a look around at a special media preview and were impressed by the unique interactivity and variety of food on offer. If this is the future of dining, i’m all for it!

Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival order

To sign up for the Tiger Street Food Virtual festival, swing by www.tigerstreetfood.my/register The first 10,000 people who register will get a free 320ml can of Tiger Crystal redeemable with any purchase from a vendor at the festival and the first 1,000 people who successfully refer five friends with their unique referral code also gets a free six-pack of Tiger Crystal.

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