L Acoustic ARCS family

A good sound system can make or break a concert and L-Acoustics new family of ARCS series sound systems in the form of the A15 Focus, A15 Wide, A10 Focus, A10 Wide and KS21 Sub allow aspiring venue organisers to rock an audience of anywhere from 50 to a massive 5,000 person crowd with both power and style in equal measure.

The L-Acoustics ARCS systems offer flexible coverage and easy deployment options with your choice of mounting them on a pole, stacked or in a vertical or horizontal line source array with the ability to throw rich audio out to 45 meters and at a maximum 144dB, enabling roadies and planners to prepare coverage for almost any venue from a small company meeting to a grand concert in the finest tradition of the art. The L-Acoustics ARCS family is also modular, plug-and-play and functions seamlessly with LA12X amplified controllers.

The flexibility that can be achieved with this new generation of ARCS is unprecedented,” explains Germain Simon, L-Acoustics Product Manager. “The mounting, stacking, and rigging options, combined with user configurable L-Fins to adjust waveguide directivity, gives users a plethora of permutations to work with. For example, with only two ARCS elements, you can easily achieve 15 different coverage patterns.”

If all this floats your boat, you’ll be glad to know that L-Acoustics is introducing a new charter agreement with the launch of the ARCS range that allows prospective rental partners that meet the system requirements to join the official L-Acoustics rental network.

We see the new ARCS line of products as the perfect way to welcome providers into the L-Acoustics rental network,” shares Germain Simon. “The versatility and scalability of ARCS is really a ‘choose your own adventure’ scenario that only leads to happy endings. We look forward to seeing new customers approach the live events market in creative ways that allow them to capitalise upon their initial investment quickly and take their rental business to the next level.” For more details on L-Acoustics ARCS systems swing by their official page at https://www.l-acoustics.com/en/

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