The Hitech Century Father’s Day Shopping List

The Hitech Century Father’s Day Shopping List

It is the time of year again when you lot out there get to show how much the big guy in your life really means to you. If you’re stuck on what to get for Father’s Day, fret not as the lads have come up with a handy shopping list of some of the best tech and gear that money can buy. Check out these awesome examples of gear and tech that will warm the cockles of dad’s heart…

Father's Day

Huawei P30 Pro Amber Sunrise
Price RM4,399
Why to Buy Slick looks, high performance specifications and one of the most powerful cameras ever mounted in a smartphone with amazing telephoto zoom make it something dad will appreciate immensely. Plus that camera will come in handy in the obligatory family photo shots so you don’t look like a comatose zombie.
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If your snaps of family get-togethers always end up cropping the odd uncle or two out of the shot by accident due to the sheer number of people cramming into the shot or have the sort of image quality that makes everyone look like dinged up extras from a Game of Thrones battle scene, you’ll likely need this beautifully hewn example of a smartphone.

Huawei’s P30 Pro currently has one of the best rated rear camera arrays in the market, as DxOMark attests to which ensures shots are very shareworthy indeed while the wide angle lens ensures even poor old uncle Ted gets in the shot this time around. Add in slick 4K video capture along with amazing telephoto zoom and you have one heck of a camera indeed. Add in a luscious display, slick hardware, a generous 8GB RAM, 512GB of storage along with a fetching shade called Amber Sunrise and the Huawei P30 Pro looks like one sweet upgrade for dad this Father’s Day.

P30 Pro Amber Sunrise


Dyson V11 Absolute
Price RM3,399
Why to Buy The opportunity to eradicate dust bunnies with extreme prejudice and a modicum style is yours with Dyson’s most powerful cordless vacuum that also has built-in smarts enough to adjust its suction for optimum performance depending on what surface you use it on.
Where to Buy

Dyson’s latest cordless vacuum boasts of some rather unique retro sci-fi looks that make it resemble a stylish raygun from a Flash Gordon flick, helped in no small part by it’s trigger style release and linear-design that places the powerful V11 digital motor right behind the dust receptacle and a connector that lets you mount a host of attachments for almost any conceivable cleaning situation.

The new Dyson V11 features a rear-mounted display that tells you everything you need to know, including how much power is left, what settings have set it at and – most important of all – if there’s a blockage in the assembly that needs human intervention.

That’s not all, in conjunction with their smart High Torque Cleaner Head which in turn is studded with sensors, the V11 is smart enough to adjust its suction power depending on if you’re working on hard or soft surfaces like tile, marble or carpet for best results. A powerful filter also ensures that the V11 is able to suck up most of the crud including pollen, fine hair, dirt and more.

Combined, this allows the V11 to be able to effortlessly clean almost anything and everything in the house and, especially for dad, the car as the built-in battery can last up to an hour of constant use in its highly efficient Eco mode before needing a juicing. Plus, props for style. Put down RM300 more and you can get the slick Dyson V11 Absolute+ package that throws in a free vertical stand for easier storage around the house along with a seriously blinged up gold extension piece.


Dell XPS 13 9380
Price From RM5,409 depending on configuration
Why To Buy If you need an ultrabook for dad capable of impressing all and sundry from coffee shop to boardroom while being able to tackle everything from spreadsheets to movie watching duties alike, Dell’s latest incarnation of their ultrabook line is the thing to get.
Where to Buy

The latest incarnation of Dell’s premier line of ultrabooks features the best hardware that Dell has to offer crammed into a slim chassis hewn form a single block of aluminium embellished with lashings of carbon fibre for that premium touch.

Dell XPS 13 9380 with box

Depending on how deep your pockets go, and in this particular scenario it ought to be for Father’s Day, you can kit the Dell XPS 13 9380 with up to a 13-inch 4K OLED touchscreen that comes with Dell’s CinemaColor, CInema Sounds and Cinema Stream to ensure true to life colour reproduction and luscious imagery onscreen.

Add in up to 16GB RAM and up to 512GB SSD as well as a good 12 hours of battery life on the 4K variant and you have an immensely capable setup that can help him tackle everything from Netflix to spreadsheets on the go. You’re welcome.

Dell XPS 13 9380 front


Sonos Beam Wireless Soundbar
Price RM2,399
Why To Buy Exquisitely rich and full sound crammed into a compact form factor with superb wireless connectivity, the Sonos Beam wireless soundbar is just the thing to add extra aural oomph to dad’s home TV setup and it even has support for digital assistants too.
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As purveyors of some of the best wireless streaming speakers in the market, Sonos knows what they’re doing and their latest offering, the Sonos Beam is just the thing to rock the joint this coming Father’s Day.

The Sonos Beam is a modest 25.6-inches long but crams in five class-D digital amplifiers, four full-range woofers, a tweeter and a trio of passive radiators to kick out exquisitely lush audio to serenade your mugs; or rather in this case dear old dad’s. The Sonos Beam is also capable of unifying all the usual music streaming channels like Spotify and Apple Music for effortlessly easy access.

Sonos Beam

Pairing it up is an absolute doddle to an existing smart TV or to a smartphone. The setup is highly expandable as well with other Sonos kit like the Play One speakers and their Sonos Sub for extra oomph seamlessly pairing up with the Sonos Beam to form an even more capable audio setup as space and time permits. The Sonos Beam comes in your choice of black or white.


Samsung 75-inch Q900 8K Smart QLED TV
Price RM59,999
Why To Buy When you absolutely, positively need awesome picture quality plus brownie points with dear old dad, this massive edifice fits the bill nicely. All 75-inches of its massive QLED panel offer 8K resolution imagery while an 8K AI upscaling engine helps you enjoy all your existing content writ large.
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You haven’t seen tellies until you’ve seen Samsung’s latest Q900 8K QLED Smart TV. The pixel count is so huge that it is double mainstream what 4K TV screens offer with over a whopping 33 million pixels crammed onscreen to offer rich, glorious imagery straight to your eyeballs. A unique Direct Full Array 16X tech ensures precise backlighting to ensure imagery, including every inch of Thanos’s craggy mug looks as close as possible to real life.

Q900 8K QLED

While the astute would inquire if there is actually any 8K content around to watch, fret not, as Samsung’s Q900 QLED TV’s Quantum Dot Processor 8K and AI-powered machine learning are able to upscale existing content to near 8K resolution by squelching image noise, restoring lost detail and sharpening edges around objects and text to create an exquisite viewing experience.

The Q900 8K QLED TV isn’t just a mere telly though, it’s designed as the centerpiece of a home and to look good while doing so. It ditches the snake pit of cables festooning the usual telly and melds them all neatly into a near invisible single One Invisible Connection fibre optic cable. Better yet, the tellies all have a new Ambient Mode that makes it seem like a beautiful picture frame when not in use. And yes, if you happen to have 300 grand to spare there’s an even larger 98-inch 8K QLED TV that will really impressive dear old dad. Now, the question is how are you going to wrap this thing for Father’s Day…


Laco Pilot Watch Original Erbstück
Why to Buy Need to impress the big guy with a beautifully patinated timepiece that looks the business but which doesn’t cost an arm, a leg and both kidneys? This painstakingly crafted reproduction off the original watches issued to the German military not only look stylish but are as reliable as their wartime predecessors were.
Price By request
Where to Buy

This unique range of timepieces from boutique watch brand Laco are based on the original Fliegeruhr or Original Aviator collection that were designed for the German military back in the day. Instead of something faddish or garish, the Pilot Watch collection features an individually patinated stainless steel caseback, authentic leather straps, a domed, anti-reflective sapphire crystal  along with an ultra reliable automatic movement.

This blends the best of the old and the new together – an antique weathered look with exceptional reliability befitting a Laco timepiece. Each piece is unique, making it a collectors item and something anyone, especially dad, would treasure for Father’s Day. As there are multiple variants in the collection and each piece is unique, do swing by Red Army Watches’ Facebook page where they can give you a quote.

Price RM950
Why to Buy Scads of classic style infuse this backpack that offers enough space to cram in a 15-inch Mac or the XPS 13 9380 with space to spare yet compact enough to serve as a briefcase for work with strategically spaced handles on its side.
Where to Buy

Designed by a team of industrial designers in Zurich, the land of awesome chocolate, Swiss Army knives and cuckoo clocks, there is no question that the QWSTION Daypack has got your dad’s back in more ways than one as it comes with a capacious 16L of storage space; more than enough for the daily commute with space to spare.

Qwstion open

A compact stylishly hewn organic-cotton canvas in a low profile Washed Gray lets you tote it horizontally as a briefcase via a pair of handy straps or vertically like a tote bag and, better yet, as a backpack via two handy yet comfy straps. A sturdy two-way zip system and twist lock opens to reveal an elastic padded pouch for a notebook up to 15-inches in size while generous stowage allows for a ton of other kit to be crammed inside.


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