What is the FreeStyle by Samsung - samsung freestyle

Among the list of innovations unveiled at CES 2022, Samsung also took the wraps off a nifty portable projector called The Freestyle which allows users to project up to a massive 100-inch display almost anywhere and tote it in a form factor slightly larger than a soda can.

What is the FreeStyle by Samsung

The FreeStyle by Samsung weighs just 830g and has a form factor that integrates a stand and the projector itself in a manner somewhat akin to a searchlight with the stand allowing users to angle the projector anywhere in a 180-degree arc to project up to a 100-inch image almost anywhere be it on the floor or even the ceiling.

The Freestyle by Samsung cover

Additional features integrated into The Freestyle by Samsung include full auto keystone and auto levelling along with a pair of passive radiators for 360-degree sound. In keeping with its portable nature, The FreeStyle is able to take power off a power bank via USB power delivery and 50V/20W or higher output which mends it additional endurance when out in the field which makes it handy for use on camping trips.

The Freestyle isn’t just a mere projector though as it has a host of features that are typically deployed on Samsung Smart TVs including mirroring, casting and streaming support as well as far-field voice control so you can use your preferred voice assistant to control it remotely with an imperious command. 

The Freestyle by Samsung price

At present, The Freestyle by Samsung is not available in Malaysia just yet but it’s available for preorder in the United States priced at US$899 which is about RM3,763 but if you’re fairly creative, there are ways to go about acquiring it.

You can check it out on Samsung’s official The Freestyle page here. You can also check out more about Samsung’s other offerings at CES 2022 especially their keynote here and their other highlights here.

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