You can now rent an entire TGV cinema hall to play your PS4 or Switch games in Malaysia for just RM180 1

If you are a console gamer who has dreamed of playing your beloved games on a larger screen but were stymied by mortal limitations like your wallet and the size of your home to cram a humongous QLED TV in, well, you’re now in luck as TGV cinemas now lets you rent one of their cinema halls to game in at a reasonable price.

How this works is that you’ll bring your console, which will likely be a Sony PlayStation 4 or a Nintendo Switch over to a TGV cinema and after paying a fee, with several packages available on the menu, you’re then allowed to play your game on a massive cinema screen in all its glory with the accompanying sound system. 

TGV cinemas packages

Starting on the ground floor, you can just get a no-frills gaming experience with RM180 getting you 3 hours of gaming with RM50 top-ups for each subsequent hour of gaming.

You can also opt for the Epic package at RM230 which gets you the same 3 hours of gaming but adds in 5 Popcorn Combo servings in the mix with the same RM50 for each additional hour.

If you’re very well heeled, you can opt for TGV’s Legend package which gives you 4 hours of gaming and adds in 5 servings of regular popcorn or Hot Food combos. 

TGV cinemas tips

The TGV cinema gaming experience is only available at selected TGV Cinemas around the country for now. If you’re lucky, you also stand a chance of winning a spanking new PlayStation 4 if you get a booking from now and until 30th November 2020.

Check out their official Facebook page for more details and if you’re keen, shoot an email to 

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