Testlab certifies that Samsung QLED TVs for 2018 have no burn-in

Testlab certifies that Samsung QLED TVs for 2018 have no burn-in

Screen burn-in is a pernicious annoyance if you own a telly as anyone who has experienced it would attest to as you are constantly assailed by that faint, phantom ‘burnt-in’ after-image on screen, regardless whether you’re watching a tear-jerking soap opera or something pyroclastic out of a Michael Bay movie. Needless to say, it’s a real downer. Fortunately, Samsung seems to have sorted that problem out and their latest QLED TVs for 2018 have been certified by the intertionally recognised TestLab to be free of screen burn-in issues.

Screen burn-in is a tricky thing to test, mind but Samsung roped in global testing lab connect-Testlab in Germany as well as the lads at video, a German tech magazine to run it through a gauntlet of tests based around the internationally accepted norm for panel measurements dubbed the Information Display Measurements Standards (IDMS) with an emphasis on the quality of the HDR content display by Samsung’s QLED tellies.

To put it through the wringer, the 2018 range of Samsung’s QLED TVs were put into a 3-day endurance test where they were made to display a checkerboard pattern that showed extreme blacks and pure whites over long periods of time to test for screen burn-in and afterglow.

Added to this were text elements and a blinking white frame to the test picture to ensure that the usual ‘stills detection’ mode common on TVs to show pictures onscreen doesn’t activate  as well as to wordpress mimic the effects in HDR console gaming. The testers also used dark gray images with a 10 nits brightness value all across the panel to see if any dark pixels are brightened up across the duration of the test. All this was repeated across the entirety of three days, the equivalent of a telly Ironman triathlon.

Samsung QLED TVs for 2018

One of Samsung’s QLED TVs display at its Malaysia launch in May 2018.

The end result after this gauntlet of tests, according to Testlab was that Samsung’s QLED 2018 TVs had “no burn in” and “no afterglow” issues. Effectively, this means that Samsung’s 2018 QLEDs can be left on permanently without burn-in or afterglow which means that you can keep it pointed at news channels and what-not without having a logo permanently burnt into your screen.

Originally announced earlier this year at CES, Samsung’s QLED TVs for 2018 landed in Malaysia in May and come in a variety of sizes in both flat and curved form factors led by their flagship Q9F series. Of particular note is that the latest generation of 2018 QLED TVs have an ’Ambient’ mode that takes advantage of its robustness to display a constantly-on image onscreen to make it less a telly and more of an integrated animated part of your decor as opposed to a gaping black panel when you leave it off like other TVs. To check out their latest tellies, swing by www.samsung.com/my For more details on the test swing by https://www.connect-testlab.com/

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