Meet the Samsung design team that created the unconventionally stylish The Freestyle smart projector

The Freestyle smart projector team

While smart short throw projectors aren’t exactly what you’d consider as a new fangled article of technology, Samsung’s latest take on the concept, dubbed The Freestyle gives it a refreshing new twist that has seen it enjoy exceptional preorders volumes across the globe; quite an achievement seeing as their other offerings like the Galaxy S22…

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Samsung Freestyle Malaysia launch is nigh – here’s how to register your interest

samsung the freestyle

Samsung is best known for their range of smartphones across all price points from the cutting edge Galaxy S22 series to their workhorse Galaxy A series as well as their powerful QLED TVs but one of the more unique offerings that was showcased at CES 2022 will be making its way to our shores as…

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Samsung The Freestyle projector preorders begin in selected regions

samsung the freestyle Samsung Freestyle Malaysia

Revealed at CES 2022, Samsung’s The Freestyle compact projector is able to kick out a crisp 100-inch image on any wall in your home and has enjoyed an exceptional response in markets where it has been listed for preorders. Samsung’s The Freestyle preorder commenced in the United States, Latin America and South Korea, Southeast Asia…

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The Freestyle by Samsung portable projector from CES 2022 lets you project a 100 inch display anywhere you want for US$899

What is the FreeStyle by Samsung - samsung freestyle

Among the list of innovations unveiled at CES 2022, Samsung also took the wraps off a nifty portable projector called The Freestyle which allows users to project up to a massive 100-inch display almost anywhere and tote it in a form factor slightly larger than a soda can. What is the FreeStyle by Samsung The…

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