Feel good and celebrate with new Razer Sneki Snek hoodie as they’ve saved a whopping 1 million trees

razer sneki snek hoodie

When Razer set out with a moonshot goal of helping to save the environment with their new mascot Sneki Snek, they only had the modest dream of saving 100,000 trees but seeing the passion of Razer’s cadre of fans across the world, they’ve surpassed this goal by an insane margin and managed to save a…

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Watch the super cute Razer Sneki Snek in his own cartoon series

razer sneki snek cartoon

Razer’s insanely cute mascot Sneki Snek has been making waves of late as he has appeared as a plushie but now, he seems to be making a leap for stardom as he will be appearing soon in his own cartoon mini series. The new Sneki Snek animated series will show everyone’s favourite snake and his…

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Razer Sneki Snek Plushies are insidiously cute; costs US$29.99 and will save the environment too

Razer Sneki Snek Plushies angled

Perhaps the most requested item in Razer’s line-up, their Sneki Snek mascot has finally made the transition to the real world and is now an actual plushie that’s available for you to purchase. Revealed at RazorCon 2020 to wrap things up in Min-Liang Tan’s keynote that kicked off the event after the reveal of the…

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