New Razer x BAPE 2.0 collection drops with Quartz pink apparel for the first time ever

Razer x BAPE razer 1

The elusive Razer x BAPE 2.0 collection is back again and this time around, they’ve doubled the size of the collection with additional designs and, most important of all, have added their fetching pink-hued Razer Quartz colourways to the line-up too. What’s in the new Razer x BAPE 2.0 collection For the new Razer x…

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Razer and Panerai team up with Conservation International for manta ray conservation

Razer and Panerai team up with Conservation International cover

Razer and watch brand Panerai have teamed up with environmental nonprofit organisation Conservation International to support marine species research with an emphasis on manta rays. The new Conservation International collaboration will be led by marine conservationist Dr. Mark Erdmann and will involve tagging manta rays and collecting temperature, depth and location data along with a…

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Stylish Razer Unleashed and Genesis collections released to level up your fashion game

razer unleashed collection 2

Fashion aficionados will likely appreciate the regular, limited-edition drops when Razer collaborates with renowned creators and brands but getting them was another matter entirely as they’re usually sold out in minutes, if not seconds. Now, they’re aiming to tackle that with the release of two in-house lines dubbed the Razer Genesis and Razer Unleashed streetwear…

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Razer Viper V2 Pro gets your game on for RM749

Razer Viper V2 Pro razer viper v2 pro white

As one of the most renowned gaming peripheral brands on the planet, Razer is constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and engineering to make ever more powerful and better gaming gear. Now, they’ve released an improved Viper V2 Pro gaming mouse that is lighter and more powerful than its predecessor. The Razer V2 Pro builds…

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Razer Leviathan V2 soundbar brings the boom for RM1,399

razer leviathan v2 cover

Razer is best known for their gaming peripherals like their keyboards, mice and their gaming laptops but they’re also purveyors of soundbars too with the original Razer Leviathan launched a few years ago in 2014. Now, the Razer Leviathan V2 is back with better audio, Chroma RGB lighting  and an RM1,399 price tag to bring…

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Feel good and celebrate with new Razer Sneki Snek hoodie as they’ve saved a whopping 1 million trees

razer sneki snek hoodie

When Razer set out with a moonshot goal of helping to save the environment with their new mascot Sneki Snek, they only had the modest dream of saving 100,000 trees but seeing the passion of Razer’s cadre of fans across the world, they’ve surpassed this goal by an insane margin and managed to save a…

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Gorgeous Razer Huntsman Mini Analog with analog switches; priced at RM669

Razer Huntsman Mini Analog

If you’re in Malaysia and you’re keen on getting an ultra compact 60% keyboard with analog switches but bemoan the lack of options, rejoice as the new Razer Huntsman Mini Analog keyboard is now available starting from today for just RM669 or SGD219 if you’re over the Causeway in Singapore. What is the Razer Huntsman…

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Razer x Hello Kitty and Friends Edition collection takes cuteness to next level from just US$60

Razer x Hello Kitty and Friends Edition collection cover

If you love Hello Kitty, the eponymous avatar of cuteness that has placed itself into the homes of almost everyone above the age of five in some form or fashion with some form of collectible merchandise, rejoice! Razer now offers a spanking new, exquisitely pink coloured Razer x Hello Kitty and Friends Edition collection that…

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Razer Project Sophia and the Enki Pro Hypersense are the ultimate WFH desk and chair setup from the future

Razer Project Sophia

CES 2022 is certainly full of surprises and Razer’s Project Sophia is a breathtaking glimpse of the future as it dials the concept of a gaming desk to 11 while the new Razer Enki Pro Hypersense is a new gaming chair design with haptic feedback. What is Razer Project Sophia and the Enki Pro Hypersense…

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