New Razer x BAPE 2.0 collection drops with Quartz pink apparel for the first time ever

Razer x BAPE razer 1

The elusive Razer x BAPE 2.0 collection is back again and this time around, they’ve doubled the size of the collection with additional designs and, most important of all, have added their fetching pink-hued Razer Quartz colourways to the line-up too. What’s in the new Razer x BAPE 2.0 collection For the new Razer x…

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Experience the luxurious sweetness of Comvita UMF Manuka Honey at the new flagship Malaysia store

Comvita UMF Manuka Honey launch com 3

As any honey aficionado would know, there’s ‘honey’ and there’s the good stuff – honest to goodness Manuka honey that is worth its weight in gold but finding authentic Manuka honey is like finding a needle in a haystack. Until now that is as Comvita, New Zealand’s most renowned Manuka honey producer has finally opened…

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LEGO Succulents Review #10309 Creator Expert Botanical Collection – Colourful additions to grace any desk

LEGO Succulents Review cover pot

Mention LEGO to most people and it typically conjures up images of their more popular Star Wars line and Technics kits but the brand also issues more exclusive designs meant for more mature users in their Creator Expert collection like the new LEGO Succulents kit that features 9 mini examples of shrubbery that mimic the…

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Indulge in traditional delights like mom used to make at Warisan Kita at Serena Brasserie at the Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur 

Warisan Kita at Serena Brasserie

If you have a yearning for the taste of home, you’re in luck as the Warisan Kita at Serena Brasserie buffet spread is now available at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. The delectable spread at the Warisan Kita at Serena Brasserie buffet is ongoing until 1st May 2022 and the Serena Brasserie operates from…

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Bell & Ross Tokyo boutique opens its doors

Bell & Ross Tokyo boutique cover

Iconic watch brand Bell & Ross has spread their wings abroad and opened their latest boutique in the Land of the Rising Sun in one of the most vibrant and famous cities known to man – Tokyo. To wit, the Bell & Ross Tokyo boutique is now officially open. The opening of the new Bell…

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Oxwhite Makanlah Collection features Malaysian’s favourite meals on their ultra comfy tees

oxwhite makanlah cover

If you love wearing comfortable T-shirts, (and who doesn’t) and love food, you’ll appreciate what the Oxwhite Makanlah collection brings to the table as it features the brand’s ultra comfy t-shirts emblazoned with some of Malaysia’s most loved meals. In a recent poll, Oxwhite asked 500 Malaysians what was their all-time favourite breakfast food. The…

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New Razer Kanagawa Wave collection uses marine plastics and launches 7th April 2021

Razer Kanagawa Wave cover

Razer is about to launch their Razer Kanagawa Wave apparel collection that is strictly limited edition and which incorporates materials sourced from recovered marine plastics. The Razer Kanagawa Wave collection will drop on 7th April 2021 at 7PM PDT ( about 10AM SGT April 8th 2021) with the mini collection consisting of a hoodie, t-shirt,…

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World’s Leading Cabin Crew 2020 accolade awarded to Royal Brunei Airlines by World Travel Awards

Royal Brunei Airlines

Royal Brunei Airlines were lauded with the accolade of being the World’s Leading Cabin Crew 2020 at a virtual grand finale of the 27th annual World travel Awards where the airline received the most votes in a global poll of guests and travellers across the globe. The competition was stiff as Royal Brunei Airlines competed…

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Razer x BAPE ‘A GAMING APE’ cool collection is arriving soon for serious gamer style from US$40


Razer has officially teamed up with A Bathing Ape (BAPE) to create an official Razer x BAPE collection of gaming apparel, backpacks and more that’s also known as ‘A GAMING APE’ that blends the signature Razer triskelion and the iconic APE HEAD wearing Razer’s Kraken headphones. The new Razer x BAPE collection features BAPE inspired…

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Oxwhite Fitness Survey 2020 says 3 in 10 Malaysians are sedentary, reveals solution on video


Oxwhite, Malaysia’s homegrown online garment purveyor has recently conducted an Oxwhite Fitness Survey on their Facebook page which involved over 23,000 active customers and obtained some interesting results. Oxwhite Fitness Survey 2020 Results Across the findings of the OxWhite Fitness survey, the brand discovered that 3 in 10 customers exercised less than once a week…

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