Buy the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ and get RM49 off these insanely cute carrying cases

Galaxy Buds+ case

The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ were launched alongside the Galaxy S20 series smartphones earlier this year. Just recently, they’ve added a unique metallic purple colourway dubbed the Galaxy Buds+ BTS edition up for preorders along with this rather interesting addition to the line-up to protect your investment – a series of 18 Galaxy Buds+ cases that are insidiously cute and stylish to boot!

Galaxy Buds+ case

The line-up consists of 18 cases that are form-fitted to the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ charging case that protect them from nicks, dents and scratches. Each of the cases have a different design from across a host of popular franchises including Marvel’s Avengers such as Captain America and even Deadpool and Ironman too. There are also cases with Minions on it, Line’s popular mascots and more. 

Galaxy Buds+ casing profile

Each case retails for RM99 and only but if you buy the Galaxy Buds+ which retails for RM599, you’re entitled to buy any of these cases with an RM49 discount at their online Samsung e-store, Samsung Experience stores or other Samsung Partner Programme Platinum stores.

Galaxy Buds+ casing 1

However, if you buy it from the online Samsung store, you’ll get the Evil Queen variant from Disney for free. You can check out the collection below and saunter on over to their eStore here.The offer is valid until August 2nd 2020 so there’s a bit of time for you to think it over.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus BTS Edition and Galaxy Buds Plus in cool purple colourway up for preorders

Korean pop band sensation and Samsung have teamed up to create something especially memorable for fans as they’ve unveiled a unique colourway for the Galaxy S20 Plus BTS Edition as well as a Galaxy Buds Plus BTS Edition are now up for preorders in Malaysia.

Externally the Galaxy S20 Plus BTS Edition and Galaxy Buds Plus BTS Edition both come in a striking reflective purple glass finish with metal accents.

The Galaxy Buds Plus BTS Edition earbuds also have a similar purple finish as the charging case. Both bits of kit also have the band’s distinctive logo and iconography all over which makes them quite different from their mainline siblings.

Galaxy S20 Plus BTS Edition

Functionally speaking bar the different paint jobs, the Galaxy S20 Plus BTS Edition and Galaxy Buds Plus BTS Edition are both identical to their other counterparts in Malaysia with the former having LTE connectivity. You can check out our review of the Galaxy Buds Plus here.

Galaxy S20 Plus BTS Edition and Galaxy Buds Plus BTS Edition preorder details

From 19th June to 5th July, you can preorder both the Galaxy S20 Plus BTS Edition and Galaxy Buds Plus BTS Edition. If you preorder the Galaxy S20 Plus BTS Edition which is priced at RM4,399, you can get the Galaxy Buds+ BTS Edition for almost half off at just RM449.50 versus its original retail price of RM899.

If you purchase the Galaxy Buds Plus BTS Edition at its retail price of RM899, you will get a free wireless charger BTS edition pad worth RM199. For more details, tune into their official preorder page at

Galaxy S20 Plus BTS Edition

Buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and get a free pair of Galaxy Buds

Android tablets occupy an interesting niche of sorts as a means to enjoy content on the go without toting around the full payload of a notebook while also allowing a modicum of productivity.

From today until 7th June 2020, Samsung Malaysia is making things more interesting as they’re throwing in a free Galaxy Buds wireless earbuds in white whenever you buy a Galaxy Tab S6 slate.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 angled

The Galaxy Tab S6 slate on its own retails for RM3,099 and comes with a 10.5-inch WQXGA display and has 6GB RAM with 128GB of storage. It also has a SIM card for 4G LTE connectivity while a 7,040mAh battery offers exceptional endurance out in the field.

What makes the Galaxy Tab S6 unique is that it is able to run DeX mode on its own, so you have a Windows-like interface without having to hook it up to a larger display.

Throw in a free Samsung Galaxy Buds wireless earbuds in on the house worth RM499 and you have a tempting offer indeed as both devices work together seamlessly like peanut butter and jelly. For more details check out

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra now in Cloud White and Galaxy Buds+ now in blue

S20 Ultra Milk White

If you’ve been on the fence about getting the Samsung Galaxy 20 Ultra or the Galaxy Buds+, you’re in luck as Samsung Malaysia has added a new colourway for each one. The Galaxy S20 Ultra is now available in a new shade that they’ve dubbed as Milk White while the Galaxy Buds+ are now available in blue.

S20 Ultra Milk White
New paint job aside, both phones are functionally identical to their existing counterparts in terms of performance and specifications. The Galaxy S20 Ultra retails for RM4,999 and alongside the new Cloud White finish, you can also get it in Cosmic Gray and Cosmic Black. The Galaxy Buds+ cost RM599 and can also be acquired in black, white and the new blue paint job.

Galaxy Buds+ Blue
For acquire the Galaxy S20 Ultra in Cloud White, swing by their official page here while the Galaxy Buds+ can be acquired on their official page here.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ review – Power meets Long Lasting Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus are the successor to last year’s Samsung Galaxy Buds and bring several welcome improvements over its predecessor, among them extended battery life as well as enhanced audio and call quality.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+

Externally, the Galaxy Buds+ are a spitting image of the original Galaxy Buds with a similar size and shape for its earbuds and charging case though it has significantly enhanced performance in every way. It’s also a bit pricier than the original at launch with an RM599 price tag versus the RM499 price point of the earlier Galaxy Buds though this has just enjoyed a reprice down to RM349. That extra investment does go towards quite a few upgrades under the hood.


Galaxy Buds+ improvements over the original Galaxy Buds

Both the Galaxy Buds+ and Galaxy Buds have a similar lozenge-shaped charging case and earbud design though the case and part of the earbuds of the newer Galaxy Buds+ have a shiny pearlescent white finish versus the matte white in the older version. Both the new and older versions also come in black. The newer Galaxy Buds+ does have more colour variants like a shade of pink and blue along with a deep Jennie red that is a South Korean exclusive for now. Here’s how the specifications work out:


Price RM599
Speaker 2-way driver (woofer + tweeter)
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0, ACC, SBC codec
Battery 85mAh (earbuds)/ 270mAh (charging case)
Size/Weight 17.5 x 22.5 x 19.2mm / 6.3g (earbuds) / 38.8 x 70 x 26.5mm / 39.6g (charging case)

The biggest upgrade is in terms of battery life. The Galaxy Buds+ are rated for 11 hours of playback time on a single charge with an additional full charge in the charging case. This works out to 22 hours of use time in total. 

The older Galaxy Buds offers 6 hours of playback time on the earbuds and has an additional charge in the case to offer about 12 hours of playback time in total. In effect, the Galaxy Buds+ have almost double the endurance of its predecessor. Charging it is even faster too with a 3 minute charge getting you 60 minutes of music playback on the Galaxy Buds+ while the older Buds got you 30 minutes or so with a 3 minute charge.

Unlike the 1-way driver in the older Galaxy Buds, the new Galaxy Buds+ have two – a woofer and a tweeter tuned by AKG in each earbud. It also has three mics – 2 inner and 1 outer mic which is one additional inner mic more than the older version to offer better overall call quality. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ angled

Another feature that the Galaxy Buds+ possesses is integration with Spotify, allowing you to manipulate playback straight off the buds. They also possess compatibility with Apple’s iOS so iPhone owners can interact with the higher functions of the Galaxy Buds+ via a downloadable Galaxy Buds+app.

Unfortunately, the Galaxy Buds+ still lack active noise cancelling and primarily rely on passive noise insulation with the silicone earbud forming a tight seal in your ear canal. The earbuds themselves are also only rated IPX2 for splash-resistance so it’s not a good idea to bring them out in the middle of a downpour or to use them next to the pool.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ – What’s in the Box

Out of the box, the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ come with two additional pairs of differently sized silicone ear buds, two pairs of smaller and larger ear wings as well as a smooth pair of rubber rings. Users can interchange the ear buds, opt to put in the larger ear wing, and for some, omit them entirely by using the rubber rings in place of the ear wings. It also comes bundled with the obligatory USB Type-C charging cable.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ box

Each earpiece has a touch control surface up top and a groove that holds the swappable rubber ear wings that perch in your ear lobe. The inner ear tip hosts a soft silicone earbud that sticks in your ear canal to offer a modicum of passive noise insulation.

The charging case itself has an indicator light up front to show that it’s charging along with a USB Type C port at the rear. The case itself is like a pebble that’s smooth to the touch, light and very easy to pocket. It also supports Qi wireless charging and can be charged in the field straight off a Galaxy S20 or S10 series phone by plonking it on the back of the phone via Wireless PowerShare mode.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ ear tips and ear wings

The first time you’re donning it, it’s well worth the trouble to test out the different ear wings and earbuds that they have bundled in the box to find which fits your ears best as a secure fit offers better audio performance. That and ensuring it doesn’t fly off when you’re sprinting for the train or some other mishap.

Wearing them was a very comfortable affair, helped in part with the snug fit and the fact that each earbud is exceptionally light at 6.3g.

Getting it up and running requires you to download the Samsung Wearable app which is free for both the Google Play store and the Apple App store. That means it will work with most Android phones and iPhones of recent vintage. We tested it with a Galaxy Note10 and pairing was almost instantaneous via Bluetooth 5.0.


Controlling and fine tuning the Samsung Galaxy Buds+

The Galaxy Wearable app lets you see how much power the earbuds and the case itself has at a glance, lets you customise the audio output to your specifications and also lets you tweak how much external ambient sound is piped in via the external mics when you don the earbuds. The app also lets you tweak the controls somewhat though most are already hardwired

A single tap pauses or plays a track, a double tap lets you answer or cancel a call as well as advance to the next track while a triple tap plays a previous track. These commands are all hardwired into the Galaxy Buds+. The only assignable option you can customise is what happens if you touch and hold the control panel from a limited set of commands.

By default, holding down the control panel on the left earbud reduces volume while the right increases it. You can also assign it to turn ambient sound on or off. Alternatively, you can assign it to turn Spotify on or off. Unfortunately, you’ll have to sacrifice one control option on either earbud if you want Spotify interaction though you can simply perform any of these controls manually via your smartphone.

The Ambient Sound feature helps to pipe ambient sounds into the earbuds so you can be aware of pressing concerns like oncoming traffic or your barista yelling your name in the usual mangled fashion at Starbucks. There’s a substantial difference in turning it on and is advisable to do so if you’re wearing it outdoors. It also contributes towards better call quality as well though it in no way acts as active noise cancelling as it doesn’t act to negate outside sounds.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Performance

When subjected to our usual array of test tracks, the Galaxy Buds+ deliver significantly improved performance over the original Galaxy Buds, helped in no small degree with the addition of a dedicated woofer in each ear. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ close up

Seeing its intended purpose as a general purpose pair of earbuds, Samsung has tuned it with a relatively balanced sound signature with a slight emphasis on mids and a bit thumpier bass than usual which holds it in good stead for the usual plethora of K-pop, rock and other mainstream genres. If this doesn’t quite appeal, you can customise the sound to other settings that include a Bass Boost, Clear and Treble depending on your tastes. There’s no active noise cancellation so loud noises will still seep through which means you’ll have to ensure that the ear buds form a tight seal in your ear canal.

 Vocals were well rendered with Norah Jones vocals in ‘Nightingale’ sounding crisp and detailed with good distinction from her guitar strumming solo. Bass response is delightful and lively with Bear McCreary’s signature ‘Prelude to War’ and its taiko drum solo sounding wonderfully ominous. BlackPink’s ‘Kill This Love’ with its impressive trumpet sounded richer and louder while each of the quartet’s voices were  pleasantly distinct from each other. It also acquitted itself well for gaming duties and for watching movies with the wailing zombies in Kingdom 2 on Netflix sounding suitably chilling indeed.

External ambient noise amplification worked as advertised, helping to amplify important critical external sounds like announcements and traffic while call quality off the earbuds was excellent with good clarity on both sides of the divide. 


Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Verdict

As far as endurance is concerned, the Galaxy Buds+ did not disappoint and ran just a few minutes short of the rated 12 hours of listening time before requiring a top-up from the charging case. With 22 hours of rated battery life, it has more than enough endurance to serenade you all the way to Las Vegas with plenty of extra juice to spare.

Galaxy Buds+ close-up ear buds

While better performing and much pricier contenders exist like Apple’s AirPods Pro and the Huawei Freebuds 3, the Galaxy Buds+ manages to strike a pleasing balance between performance and price though the lack of active noise cancellation and IPX2 splash proofing is a bit of a sore point. Well worth a look for those who already own a Samsung phone though others seeking good audio and long battery life will enjoy what it has to offer.

You can also check out Adam Lobo TV’s video review where he sums up the Galaxy Buds+ sublime virtues in the link below:


What we liked Impressive 11-hour battery life, works wonderfully with Spotify, wireless charging support, decent audio performance, supports iOS
What we didn’t Looks quite similar to the original Galaxy Buds, more robust water resistance would be welcome, no aptX codec
We say The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is a significant upgrade over its predecessor, bringing almost double the battery life, enhanced call as well as sound quality, Spotify integration and iOS compatibility. It’s a solid general purpose pair of earbuds capable of keeping pace with you with its impressive battery life.

Review unit courtesy of Samsung Malaysia. Available for purchase on their official page here.

Buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and get free pair of Galaxy Buds

Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung Malaysia has just rolled out an interesting promotion for their Galaxy Tab S6 tablet where every purchase gets you a free pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds wireless earbuds. This offer is good until 30th April 2020.

Basically, what you’re getting is the first incarnation of the Galaxy Buds in white for free with every purchase of the Galaxy Tab S6 as opposed to the new Galaxy Buds+ that’s just arrived in Malaysia. You’re effectively buying the Galaxy Tab S6 at full retail price at RM3,099 in your choice of three colours – Mountain Gray, Cloud Blue and Rose Blush and getting a solid pair of wireless earbuds worth RM499 in the bargain. You can check out our review of the Samsung Galaxy Buds here.

Galaxy Tab S6 2

In terms of hardware, the Galaxy Tab S6 has a 10.6-inch WQXGA Super AMOLED display, a 2.8GHz octacore processor, 6GB RAM, 128GB of storage, a rear dual camera capable of 4K video capture and a SIM slot for data. Battery life on the 7,040mAh battery is rated at up to 9 hours of WiFi browsing which is plenty. It also has an attached S Pen stylus to offer some measure of creative options for artists and doodlers alike.

For more details and the fine print for the offer, check out their official page

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ now officially available at RM599 in Malaysia

Announced alongside the innovative Galaxy Z Flip as well as their triumvirate of new Galaxy S20 series smartphones, the Galaxy Buds+ are Samsung’s latest update to their original Galaxy Buds that are now officially available for sale in Malaysia at RM599.

Galaxy Buds Plus battery life
While the nomenclature doesn’t leave much to the imagination, the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ does have it where it counts with extended battery life that’s significantly longer than its predecessor. On a full charge, it’s rated to offer a whopping 11 hours of battery life with the ability to offer an hour’s worth of playback with just 3 minutes of charging. Total listening time is rated at a whopping 22 hours, inclusive of the extra juice in the charging case which can also be charged wirelessly. 

Galaxy Buds+The earbuds each have a woofer and a tweeter for enhanced audio quality as well as two outer and one inner mic to offer call quality. While it has been seen in a shade of blue, Malaysia only has the black version and white hued version with a retail price of RM599. If you’re buying the Galaxy S20+ or S20 Ultra, you’ll get one thrown in for free if you take advantage of the extended preorder programme that is ongoing till 1st March 2020. If you’re keen to check out the Galaxy Buds+ for yourself, check out Samsung’s store locator page at

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus revealed; priced at US$149 with beefier sound, battery life and more

Wireless listening options are gaining more prominence with Samsung’s latest successor to their Galaxy Buds from last year, dubbed the Galaxy Buds Plus making an appearance at Samsung Unpacked after the reveal of the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy S20 series phones. It’s can also be referred to as the Galaxy Buds+, depending on your proclivities for grammar and punctuation.

Galaxy Buds Plus

The prior leaks are on-point. The design of the Galaxy Buds Plus doesn’t add in any active noise cancelling this time around and instead relies on passive noise insulation much like its predecessor as it has a similar lozenge shaped charging case and earbud design too. 

Galaxy Buds Plus 2

What has been improved, and significantly to boot is the Galaxy Buds Plus’ battery life as it packs larger batteries in each earbud and the charging case to offer up to 11 hours of usage along with an additional 11 hours from the charging case for a total of 22 hours. That’s quite a step up from the original Galaxy Buds that only offered about 6 or so hours on each earbud.

Galaxy Buds Plus battery life

Each earbud has also seen upgrades in the Galaxy Buds Plus with a tweeter and a woofer crammed in along with three mikes in order to offer better sound and voice quality. The only downside is that each earbud weighs slightly more than its predecessor at 6.3g which is 0.7g more than the original Galaxy Buds.
Galaxy Buds Plus price

Of particular interest  is the addition of an app and greater compatibility with Apple’s iPhones which ought to endear it to owners of Apple devices. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus price and availability

The Galaxy Buds Plus will retail for US$149 (about RM615) and will ship in a shade of white, red, black and a sort of Robin’s egg looking blue starting from February 14 Valentine’s Day. 

There’s no official word yet on availability in Malaysia or prices yet but we’ll keep you posted.

Samsung Advent Calendar Promises Glorious Deals on phones, wearables and more

samsung advent calendar

Everyone loves presents and Samsung Malaysia is certainly in the spirit of giving as they unveiled an Advent Calendar that offers 12 days of amazing deals from 13 to 24 December.

samsung advent calendar

Every day unlocks a series of promo codes for unique deals in the advent calendar. So far, they’ve released amazing bargains for the likes of their Galaxy Watch Active. It was one of the best watching smartwatches that we’ve had on test . The other deals cover the gamut from 32% discounts on their monitors, microwave ovens and 4K Smart QLED TVs. 

Galaxy Watch Active

While it looks like a slew of good stuff has passed, hold onto your hats as the Samsung Advent Calendar is hinting as to what comes ahead and on 20 December, they’re hinting at a super tempting deal for the Galaxy Buds, their lozenge shaped, slick-looking wireless earbuds. You can check out the review and get your trigger fingers ready when the deal clicks in later on 20 December.

Samsung Galaxy Buds at angle

The rest of the deals that have yet to be unveiled and which continue until Christmas Eve  include bargains on their vacuum cleaners, a 55-inch UHD TV and, on 24 December itself, we see an image hinting at an awesome bargain for their flagship uberphone, the Galaxy Note10+.

Galaxy Note10+

Stay tuned and keep refreshing the official Samsung Advent Calendar Page daily to stay abreast of their latest deals here

Samsung 10th Galaxy Anniversary Premium Bundle offers some serious value

Samsung Galaxy 10th Anniversary_Premium Bundle

Samsung’s Galaxy Note series has turned 10 this year. It’s quite a testament to the Galaxy Note series’ popularity that it has come this far and Samsung is celebrating the occasion with a 10th Galaxy Anniversary Premium Bundle and an Eco Bundle that lets you get their most powerful phone along with a slew of accessories at exceptionally tempting prices.

Samsung 10th Galaxy Anniversary Premium Bundle

The Samsung 10th Galaxy Anniversary Premium Bundle throws in the Galaxy Note10+ 256GB with a silicon casing, a Galaxy Watch Active2 paired with two swappable watch straps and the Samsung Galaxy Buds. If you bought all this kit separately, it would have cost a hefty RM6,214 but the premium bundle itself costs RM5,599 which represents a hefty RM615 in savings.


Samsung 10th Galaxy Anniversary Premium Bundle Contents:

-Galaxy Note10+ in 256GB worth RM4,199
-Galaxy Note10+ Silicon Cover worth RM109
-Galaxy Watch Active2, Aluminium (40mm) worth RM 999
-Galaxy Watch Active2 Strap x 2 worth RM408
-Galaxy Buds worth RM499
Total cost if you buy this kit separately – RM6,214

Price of Samsung 10th Galaxy Anniversary Premium Bundle RM5,599
Savings RM615

This combination of kit comprises some of their best wearables in their inventory. The Galaxy Note10+ is one of the best phones they’ve ever made at a price tag that still hovers within the realm of reason while their Galaxy Buds are fast-pairing and solid wireless offerings.

Their Galaxy Watch Active 2 which we field tested recently is also an equally solid smartwatch with their innovative digital rotating bezel. If you’re about to hop onto the Samsung bandwagon, this kit gets you all their best gear in one fell swoop. Even if you just want the phone, the secondary accessories and kit can be pieced out as very welcome gifts.

Samsung Galaxy 10th Anniversary_Premium Bundle


Samsung Eco Bundle

As you’d likely surmise from the name, the Samsung Eco Bundle covers the essentials and throws in the 256GB variant of the Galaxy Note10+ and a Galaxy Watch Active2 44mm as one paired bundle with a total savings of RM799. If you buy them individually, you’re chunking out RM5,298 but the Eco Bundle lets you get it at RM4,499.

Samsung Eco Bundle Contents

-Galaxy Note10+ in 256GB worth RM4,199
-Galaxy Watch Active2, Aluminium (44mm) worth RM1,099

Total cost if you buy this separately=RM5,298
Price of Samsung Eco Bundle=RM4,499

Samsung Galaxy 10th Anniversary_Premium Bundle

Where can I get the Samsung 10th Galaxy Anniversary Premium Bundle?

As Samsung’s most powerful phone short of the Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy Note10+ very rarely goes on discount outside of the pre-order bundles before its official debut. Now, as part of the 10th anniversary celebration of the Galaxy Note series, you’re getting them with a ton of added extras.

If you look at it one way, the Eco Bundle lets you get a Galaxy Watch Active2 for just an extra RM300 seeing as the retail price of a Note10+ is already RM4,199. The premium bundle adds in significantly more value for what you pay for as the addition of RM1,400 gets you a Watch Active2 with two spare straps, a free case and a pair of Galaxy Buds in the bargain. For more details swing by