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Renowned NAS solution provider Synology has rolled out their C2 Transfer cloud solution that allows for a safe and secure means to transfer files with end-to-end encryption and a host of other additional security measures, making it ideal for businesses that deal with sensitive, embargoed or copyrighted material.

The Synology C2 Transfer cloud solution aims to be a simple, fuss-free solution that also works even if the receiving party doesn’t have Synology C2 Transfer. When a file is sent out via C2 Transfer, it’s encrypted so that even if it’s shared or published, it’s effectively unreadable. To ensure only the right party has access to it, the service sends a one-time password to a sender-specified phone number or email to access the file.

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For added security, Synology’s C2 Transfer sends a one-time password to the recipient to decrypt a file which is sent separately.

In keeping with the nature of sensitive material, Synology C2 Transfer has additional options with support for built-in watermarks, download expiration dates, single-use downloads and file requests.

Synology C2 Transfer Price

At present, Synology C2 Transfer has a free 90-day trial until the end of 2021 and is otherwise available for a modes subscription fee via the Pro plan that is ideal for SMEs and freelancers. A larger centrally managed plan will be available later on. For more details check out the video below or Synology’s official page at

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