Switch with Samsung Advantage

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is one of the most influential smartphones of 2021 and four influencers in Malaysia saw fit to make ‘the Switch with Samsung Advantage’, swapping out their old smartphone for the new Galaxy Z Flip3.

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Prior to the debut of the Galaxy Z Flip3, phone manufacturers have hitherto tried a variety of form factors from bizarre designs that resembled a taco with buttons to others that looked like a hockey puck with buttons but beyond the candy bar form factor which continues to see use today, one other form factor remained popular and desirable though the means to take it to the 21st century were not possible until the advent of foldable smartphone displays – enter the Galaxy Z Flip in 2020 and its refined, more powerful successor the Galaxy Z Flip3 in 2021.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G Review cover

As a smartphone design, the Galaxy Z Flip3 has been lauded from coast to coast and even TIME Magazine has praised it with a slot in their ‘Best Inventions of 2021’ list where they praise its luscious 6.7-inch folding 120Hz OLED display, enhanced 1.98-inch cover screen, IPX8 water resistance, powerful specifications and, above all, making a foldable smartphone truly affordable by pricing it at the circa RM4,000 mark which is about the US$1,000 mark if you’re thinking in US dollars. 

What is the Switch with Samsung Advantage film about

Seeing just how powerful and sleek the Flip3 is, four influencers in Malaysia share their stories of how they made the Switch in a short film dubbed ‘Switch with Samsung Advantage’. The four influencers in the film are Abby @abbyasmaa, Arinna @arinna.erin, Rafidah @rafidaaaaaaaah and Serena @serenavanillaa

In the Switch with Samsung Advantage film, all four influencers share how easy it is to use Samsung Smart Switch to transfer all of their most important data, documents, messages and apps from their old phone to the Galaxy Z Flip3 and the One UI 4 user interface lets users truly customise the Galaxy Z Flip3 to be truly unique. You can check out the film below.

Switch with Samsung Advantage

For the uninitiated, the Samsung Advantage isn’t so much a buzzword as it is a series of bespoke advantages when you buy a Samsung Galaxy series smartphone such as the Galaxy Z Flip3 or Fold3 as well as the latest Galaxy S21 series phones. From keeping your new Galaxy series phone same from all of life’s usual mishaps to making it easy to switch over to a Galaxy smartphone, the Samsung Advantage grants a significant edge indeed. You can check it out what is the Samsung Advantage in detail here.

At present, Samsung is offering the Galaxy Z Flip3 with an Easy Instalment Plan that makes it easier to purchase Samsung’s best phones with no interest charged. You can check it out at their official page here.