The Sunrise Gold Galaxy S9 and S9+ are here and they look glorious

The Sunrise Gold Galaxy S9 and S9+ are here and they look glorious

Samsung has just added a new colour to their current line-up of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ in Malaysia dubbed Sunrise Gold though it is only available for the 64GB variant of the Galaxy S9 and the 128GB storage variant of the larger Galaxy S9+.

We are excited to announce the arrival of the Sunrise Gold Samsung Galaxy S9 | S9+ to celebrate summer and at the same time offer Samsung fans a colour option that is gender neutral and appeals to people of all ages. Samsung chose the name “Sunrise Gold” as the colour represents the magical moment when light glows across the sky when daylight breaks. We are confident that this colour will be a hit in the Malaysian market,” said Yoonsoo Kim, President, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.wordpress style="font-weight: 400;">

The new Sunrise Gold finish, which was announced globally sometime earlier on in mid-May,  was apparently inspired by satin-weave fabric and has a subtle golden finish with a glossy veneer overlaying it that does add a distinct touch of class to the whole affair. Thematically speaking, the Sunrise Gold finish complements the existing line-up in Malaysia as a thematic representation of dawn with the Coral Blue finish representing dawn, Lilac Purple reflecting dusk and Midnight Black the deep darkness of nightfall.


The Sunrise Gold variant of the 64GB Galaxy S9 retails for RM3,109 and the 128GB Galaxy S9+ retails for RM3,769 with both phones now available nationwide at all Samsung Experience stores and the new Samsung Online store which you can visit here.

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