Starcraft Protoss Pylons lead the charge for your USB powered gear

Starcraft Protoss Pylons lead the charge for your USB powered gear

The last part of Blizzard’s Starcraft II trilogy dubbed the Legacy of the Void has finally gone live for the PC. Featuring the Protoss, the standalone expansion wraps up the storyline for Starcraft II and features a single player campaign for the aforementioned race, co-op missions as well as a smattering of new units across the board for the other two races who’ve already had their own expansions released in the preceding few years. If you’re a fan of the game, you’ll be rather chuffed to know that they’ve also taken the wraps off some rather interesting Protoss merch .

The folks at ThinkGeek have unveiled a 7-inch high Protoss Pylon USB charger that you can use to juice up your devices via two USB ports, one of which has a 1 Amp and the other a 2.1 Amp output. No word on if it’ll charge energy shields or other Protoss hardware but it ought to reliably juice most conventional USB powered Earth-based tech in the market.

When charging, it’ll light up with the Protoss’ characteristic serene blue glow common to their military hardware though you can opt to switch it off if you deign to do so. The whole affair weights 170g and is officially licensed so you don’t have to worry about it being some dodgy piece of hardware that’ll spontaneously combust the moment you plug it in. Swing by the ThinkGeek link here to snag your very own Pylon.more powah

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