Sony’s latest trio of 1000X series headphones offers wireless listening on the go

Sony’s latest trio of 1000X series headphones offers wireless listening on the go

Sony’s top-shelf 1000X range of noise cancelling headphones has gotten a beefing up with the addition of three new headphones, each of which comes in a different form factor. The new line-up, which consts of the WF-1000X in-ear wireless earbuds, the WH-1000X Mark II on-ear headphones and the W1-1000X necklace style headphones all have the impressive noise cancelling tech that the range is renowned for.

Sony representatives with the new range of headphones

Sony representatives with the new 1000X range of headphones and other offerings

All three of the new headphones also work with Sony’s new Headphones Connect app that’s free for download on iOS and Android and which lets you tweak your listening experience in almost every way including how much ambient sound you want to hear.

The compact WF-1000X packs 6mm ear drives and offers noise cancelling and a discreet form factor that lets you listen to tunes on the go. It comes with a matching matte black storage casing that also offers two full additional charge on top of the existing 3-hour charge that  the earbuds pack for nine hours of listening and also has Atmospheric Pressure Optimising tech that apparently senses the ambient air pressure around you and optimises it accordingly.

The necklace style W1-1000X comes with 9mm dynamic drivers that also integrated balanced armature tweeters too. It also comes with Sony’s S-Master HX digital amplifiers and also vibrates if you get an incoming call. It offers about 13 hours of wireless listening on a single charge and needs 3.5 hours to fully juice itself from dead zero though you can get about an hour and 10 minutes with 15 minutes of charging if you’re in a hurry.

The on-ear 1000X Mark II cans are the successor to their original MDR-1000X and sport 40mm drivers with 193dB/mW with the power on and an impedance of 46ohms. Complementing the drivers is Sony’s S-master HX digital amplifier, their DSEE HX tech and similar Atmospheric Pressure Optimising tech akin to the in-ear WF-1000X that optimises noise cancelling performance for peace and quiet. On a full charge, the headphones last a good 40 hours if hooked up via cable to an audio source or 30 hours wirelessly whilst a quick charge function gets you 70 minutes of usage with 10 minutes of charging.

The 1000X Mark II and the WI-1000X wireless headphones offer different form factors to suit different folks

All three devices are available in Malaysia nationwide at authorised retailers with the in-ear WF-1000X retailing for RM899, the necklace-style WI-1000X for RM1,499 and the on-ear WH-1000X Mark II for RM1,599.

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