Sony brings the boom with their huge MHC-V90DW speaker

Sony brings the boom with their huge MHC-V90DW speaker

When you absolutely, positively need to make your taste in music felt and viscerally shared with all and sundry around your home or if you happen to, by some weird happenstance, attempt to be running a disco, you’ll immediately gravitate towards Sony’s massive MUTEKI MHC-V90DW tower speaker.

Humongous in more ways than one, the Muteki MHC-V90DW is about the height of a full grown man at 170cm and crams in a literal party’s worth of speakers. Crammed within its voluminous cabinet-style chassis are a quartet of mid-range 13cm drivers, each done in the shape of a horn for better audio quality. Four tweeters are also crammed slighty outwards at 20-degrees alongside a pair of massive 25cm subwoofers.

This is further beefed up by what Sony calls a Spread Sound Generator that ensures superior and louder audio reproduction. All this hardware combined enables the Muteki MHC-V90DW to offer a tuning range of 87.5Mhz all the way to 108MHz/50kHz which ought to let you play everything from Sinatra to Avicii with equal ability. If you feel the need, implausible a it is for even louder sound, you can opt to hook the Muteki MHC-V90DW up to 10 other speakers irrespective of brand via built-in Wi-Fi Direct for even louder audio so you can bring (literally and figuratively) bring the house down.

Unlike more traditional speaker setups, the Muteki MHC-V90DW sports both Bluetooth connectivity as well as built-in Chromecast and Spotify support so you can pipe tunes wirelessly to it. If needs must, it still sports 2 mike inputs which makes it ideal for karaoke, an audio-in and HDMI too. Karaoke crooners can take advantage of the Muteki MHC-V90DC’s rather novel voice changer mode that can change male voices to something higher pitched on top of other modes too.

What really sets the Muteki MHC-V90DW apart from almost everything else is the fact that it comes with its own built-in lighting system. A host of lights are emplaced out of each speaker and it’s even able to project additional backlighting out of it too from the back that changes and flashes based on what you’re playing to literally make it a disco party in a box.

If you fancy yourself a DJ, you can hook up to the Muteki MHC-V90DW speaker via an app so you can tweak the lighting and control other speaker features as needed from your phone including the ability to honk the infamous vuvuzela at the press of a button.

Mr. Satoru Arai, Managing Director of Sony Malaysia launching the new Sony MH-V90D speaker

If all this floats your boat and you aim to be the life of the party, the Muteki MHC-V90DW retails for a very agreeable RM2,999 and is available at Sony’s authorised outlets nationwide.

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