Smaller more efficient Dell Precision series workstations revealed

Smaller more efficient Dell Precision series workstations revealed

Dell’s commitment to creating ever more efficient hardware has resulted in them rolling out the world’s most powerful 1U rack workstation as well as an array of compact yet powerful Dell Precision workstations to cater to corporate concerns with modest budgets.

On the workstation front, Dell has rolled out the compact yet powerful Dell Precision 3630 Tower which is actually 23% smaller than its predecessor while offering more expandability. To wit, the Precision 3630 tower features 8th generation Intel Core processors, pro-grade Xeon E processors and up to 225W of graphic support with scalable storage that allows users to pack in up to 14TB of space with RAID support too.

Another addition to the line-up of compact workstations is Dell’s Precision 3430 Small Form Factor Tower that integrates many of the benefits of the Precision 3630 but with an even smaller footprint with up to 6TB of storage with RAID support. The new Dell Precision 3000 series workstations will be available sometime in August 2018 for Malaysia.

Dell also introduced a new rack to their line-up. The nondescript but solidly specced Dell Precision 3930 rack crams a lot into a small footprint as it offers best-in-class workstation performance and flexibility. In terms of configurability, the Dell Precision 3930 is able to support up to 250W of doublewide GPUs, up to a trio of PCIe slots and the option to scale up to 24TB of storage. It can also be optionally kitted out with NVIDIA Quadro GPUs such as the potent Quadro P6000 for intensive graphics rendering tasks or even the AMD Radeon Pro range of GPUs.


Of note across the range is the introduction of Core X-series processors on top of existing Xeon W processors as upgrade options for enterprise customers, allowing users to tailor performance and cost to their IT budget. For more on Dell EMC, swing by

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