ShopBack, the cashback shopping site with a presence in Indonesia, India, Singapore and the Phillipines had now finally made it to Malaysia. The premise behind this new site is relatively simple : you shop with ShopBack’s list of accredited merchant partners and get up to a 30% cashback on all your online purchases.
Payouts are immediate and credited to your PayPal or bank account though the amount of cashback varies from merchant to merchant. The site also handily rounds up all the codes and vouchers that a participating merchant has so you can rack up better discounts. The good news? All these discounts and voucher codes stack so you can rack up some pretty sweet bargains.


The ShopBack site acts as an intermediary of sorts – you fire it up first and it redirects you to its partner merchant websites so it can track your purchases and in doing so allow you can rack up discounts and that sweet cashback.

For Malaysia, the list of merchants include: Lazada, Tesco,, Agoda, Groupon, Zalora and more with the option to shop by merchant or by the category of item that you’re looking to buy.


Sounds like a win win situation. To swing by their official Malaysia website login to They also have an official Android app too with an iOS app launching tomorrow for Malaysia. There’s even a Chrome extension so you can keep it within easy reach that you can snag here. A Safari extension exists as well which you can acquire here.


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