Sharp Smart Connected 2020 Conference hero shot
Sharp Electronics Malaysia has just kicked off their Sharp Smart Connected 2020 Conference in Malaysia that showcases their latest offerings for TVs, white goods and more as well as the next-generation 8K+5G lab that gives a glimpse of bleeding edge of tech for tomorrow.
Sharp Smart Connected 2020 Conference hero shot
At the Sharp Smart Connected 2020 Conference, Sharp Malaysia showcased the newest examples of their white goods from air conditioners, air purifiers, 8K TVs and much more that aim to make home living a more pleasant affair.
According to Sharp, the Artificial Intelligence will be melded with the Internet of Things to make for more intelligent appliances that can offer more predictive solutions such as a washing machine that suggests when to do your laundry based on the weather and a fridge that can show you what you can cook based on what you have left in inventory.
Sharp Smart Connected 2020 Conference home solutions
The most exciting thing showcased though was their plans for the future with the announcement of the establishment of the Sharp 8K+5G lab in Malaysia.
Sharp Smart Connected 2020 Conference tech showcase

A number of their exhibits demonstrated integration with 5G technologies and the Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) though Sharp’s crisp 8K resolution displays and their practical applications took centrestage with experiential examples of a Sharp 8K 150-inch Mini cinema, an 8K 120-inch video wall and a 90-inch see through LCD retail panel.

Sharp Smart Connected 2020 Conference 8K mini cinema

The Sharp 8K mini cinema showcase

Other showcased products include commercial offerings such as a Smart Technologies Interactive Board for collaborative education, smart signage tech and more.

Sharp Smart Connected 2020 Conference see through LCD

One of the coolest exhibits was this see through 90-inch LCD display panel that has a lot of retail applications.

Sharp Smart Connected 2020 Conference and the new Sharp 8K+5G lab

On top of new products across the range from Sharp from air conditioners to 8K TVs, Sharp also showcased Malaysia’s first 8K+5G lab that will serve as an education hub for the industry and educational institutions.Sharp 2020 Conference tech demo
The Sharp 8K+5G lab will also act as a test bed for 8K technologies in enabling large data transfers and high-resolution dsplays in both commercial and private enterprises. The facility will integrate an 8K resolution mini cinema, an 8K micro studio to create 8K live streams, multiple 8K displays and more.
As you’d likely surmise, many of these applications have yet to reach mass commercial use but seeing their full potential at the Sharp Smart Connected 2020 Conference is promising indeed and we’ll be there to share the details with you when they hit the market. For more details swing by Sharp Malaysia’s official page at

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