Sharp has launched the massive 80-inch Sharp AQUOS AX1 TV that has a whopping 8K resolution in Malaysia

Sharp has launched the massive 80-inch Sharp AQUOS AX1 TV that has a whopping 8K resolution in Malaysia

Sharp Electronics today kicked off a grand Chinese New Year roadshow at IOI City Mall in Putrajaya that showcases their latest products across the range from microwaves to ovens though their latest, most powerful TVs took centre stage at the show. Dubbed the AQUOS AX1 series TVs, Sharp’s latest tellies offers a whopping 8K – that’s 7,680 x 4,320 pixels – resolution across their huge expanse. To wit, that’s 33 million pixels; double the resolution of a 4K TV.

To date, the Sharp AQUOS AX1 series TV currently has the highest resolution currently available for TVs and is the first 8K resolution TV that is commercially available in the ASEAN Market. The AX1 series TV is available in three different sizes depending on how palatial your home is – 60-inch, 70-inch and the titanic 80-inch AX1.

All of them come in a slick looking black finish with the 80-inch sized model coming with a unique looking symmetrical arch stand machined from metal while the smaller 60-inch and 70-inch models sport a circular pedestal stand.

Common to the entire line are a series of technologies unique to Sharp that ensure crisp imagery onscreen that include Real 8K Colour tech for superior colour reproduction and Real 8K Contrast tech that ensures excellent image contrast for displayed footage onscreen.

While there is a dearth of 8K content at the moment, the AX1 is able to upscale 4K to 8K resolution while image noise is scrubbed via their 3D Noise Reduction tech for smooth footage.The entire AX1 series runs Android TV under the hood, which makes streaming content from your Android phone and other storage a doddle while offering voice commands and a modicum of gaming options too via the Google Play store.

The flagship 80-inch AX1 uses Sharp’s top of the line, proprietary IGZO (Indium, Gallium, Zinc, Oxide)  panel that has a nippy 120Hz refresh rate, superior power saving properties and the ability to deliver 4,000 nits brightness and 1,024 areas of local dimming.

The 60-inch and 70-inch sizes use their UV2A II panels manufactured in Japan that have eliminated black lines between pixels for better colour reproduction and have a similarly nippy 120Hz refresh rate and 1,500 nits brightness with 96 areas of local dimming.

On the audio front the 80-inch AX1 TV has four 10W drivers and a pair of 15W subwoofers enhanced with Eilex PRISM  tech for a superior virtual surround sound experience. The 60-inch and 70-inch models are similarly equipped but have a single 15W subwoofer versus the aforementioned 80-inch model’s dual 15W subwoofers.

The AQUOS 8K AX1 series TVs are now available nationwide with the 80-inch AQUOS AX1 8T-C80AX1X retailing for RM73,999, the 70-inch AQUOS AX1 8T-C70AX1X for RM36,999 and the 60-inch AQUOS AX1 8T-C60AX1X for RM25,999.

If you purchase the AQUOS 8K AX1 TVs at the ongoing Sharp Electronics Chinese New Year roadshow, which starts today till 15 January 2019 at the Centre Court of IOI City Mall, you’ll get a free Dolby Atmos 8AC31AX1 sound bar worth RM2,999 and enrollment in a premium customer service programme. This involves delivery and installation for best results in your home, a 5-year warranty and a guided tutorial to ensure you can use your AX1 TV to best effect. For more details swing by

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