SevenFriday Space sweetens things up with chocolate drinking workshop

SevenFriday Space sweetens things up with chocolate drinking workshop

There’s something magical about a warm, enriching cup of hot chocolate.Wisps of steam wafting from a heated mug and that first bracing, rich flavour of pure chocolate hitting your tastebuds. SevenFriday Space, the brand’s premier experiential outlet located at Four Seasons Place KL allowed invited guests to experience that amazing sensation and more at their unique chocolate beverage tasting workshop.


Over the course of a relaxed Sunday afternoon, the tastebuds of invited guests were taken on a culinary adventure of sorts as they were able to enjoy and sample a host of different chocolate beverages created from Indonesia sourced cacao liqueur.

To fully share the complexity of flavours in each and every chocolate blend, guests were shown how the rich and robust flavours can be melded by sampling a variety of hot and cold, as well as sweet and even milky concoctions, each of which offered a unique experience for the senses.

An invited master chocolatier shared his extensive experiences in the trade and shared more about how the various cacao blends on offer differed from each other in terms of flavour, blends and origin as well as how to prepare them to best effect.

Guests were also able to ask questions and find out more about how best to use each blend’s cocoa beans. In future, SevenFriday Space will also offer the full range of Korte Chocolate liqueur mixes available for purchase in 200g sachets. Each sachet consists of a bespoke blended mixture of cacao liqueur and palm sugar good for about creating about 20 drinks. There’s no word on price yet but they’ll be arriving sometime in August. Stay tuned to SevenFriday Space’s official Facebook page here for more details.

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