Most robot vacuum cleaners are unfortunately no replacement for actually doing the deed yourself. They’re also somewhat naff at actually cleaning corners, cleaning spots under furniture with low thresholds like beneath beds and dealing with long, stringy items like hair and, well, strings. Samsung’s new robot vacuum cleaner, the POWERbot VR7000 aims to resolve that and more. It made an appearance at SEA Forum 2017 where staff demonstrated its capabilities by allowing it to clean up all manner of challenging debris across a simulated chunk of carpet, flat parquet and under a low-hanging ceiling to simulate furniture.

While it looks like the plethora of robot vacuum cleaners out there, the fact is that the POWERbot VR7000 is actually quiet different. Look up close and it actually has quite a number of marked enhancements from the rest of its ilk. For starters, it’s 28% flatter than its predecessor the VR9000 at 97mm, making it lower to the ground and able to clean underneath furniture in a more capable fashion.

It’s also more powerful too. The built-in suction clocks in at 20W and the front edges of the VR7000 are square shaped with the brush placed closer to the front, allowing it to capably handle the perennial bugbear that many robot cleaners are incapable of handling: corners. The POWERbot also has a self-cleaning system that helps to declog itself from hair and dust trapped in the bristles too, shunting such entanglements towards the center of the brush array for easier cleaning and disposal.

The robot vacuum itself is also capable of optimising the level of suction power based on the surface type; it literally sucks harder if it encounters a rug so that it helps clean all the bits stuck in a carpet pile. The most interesting feature it has is that it’s actually capable of being remotely controlled by the Samsung Smart Home app. There’s no price or launch date yet for Malaysia but we’ll keep you posted.

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