Samsung’s cool looking new Family Hub 2.0 fridge seen at SEA Forum 2017

While you’d reckon the average fridge has reached its limit as far as tech innovation goes, Samsung has managed to expand it another notch with the introduction of their new Family Hub 2.0 fridge that sports a large interactive touchscreen on the front with enhanced connectivity.

The core basics of what the Family Hub fridge does: keeping grub cool hasn’t changed much but how it manages the food in the fridge and what the touchscreen can do has been significantly beefed up.

Now, users can track food inventory levels with inward-facing cameras and via a View Inside app, annotate add food items that need stocking up. All this can be appended to a shopping list with the ability to buy said items off online shopping sites. This means you’re able to, for example, find out milk is running low and then have it ordered online and sent straight to your door without having to pop by the supermarket. Of course, this will need a robust ecosystem to support it but it’s one piece of the puzzle solved and if local online purveyors in Malaysia can up their game to deliver, it’s only going to be a win-win situation for everyone.

The 21.5-inch touchscreen which acts as a family hub and bulletin board in the prior version had been upgraded  in the Family Hub 2.0.  The font onscreen is larger for easier reading while family members can post and share snaps, updated shared calendars and even memos remotely via a downloadable Family Hub app. Of particular note is that the fridge now has voice commands via their S Voice tech to control apps, get the weather and time – handy if your hands are full, manage to-do lists and calendar schedules too. No word on when and how much it will cost when it comes to Malaysia but we’ll keep you posted.

Elaine Soh, Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung Malaysia Electronics demonstrating the new Family Hub  2.0 fridge at SEA Forum 2017

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