Samsung Yearly Upgrade Program gets you freebies galore with Galaxy Note9 purchase plus 10% off the next Galaxy Note

Samsung Yearly Upgrade Program gets you freebies galore with Galaxy Note9 purchase plus 10% off the next Galaxy Note

The Galaxy Note9 is Samsung’s current wunderkind flagship phone that integrates a veritable wishlist of features that smartphone users want into a svelte, glass and metal casing that’s just 8.8mm thin.

The phone combines exceptional endurance on account of a huge battery, a luscious Super AMOLED display, one of the best rear cameras ever made and a revamped S Pen stylus that lets you doodle and write, as we’ve demonstrated here at will via their Screen Off Memo mode by simply removing the stylus from the phone. Envious? You can get in on the action on the Galaxy Note9 as Samsung, for a limited time only, is offering their exclusive Yearly Upgrade Program which offers a ton of goodies as well as a 10% discount off the next Galaxy Note phone for a mere RM100 top-up when you buy the Galaxy Note9.

Basically, when you buy the Galaxy Note9, be it the 6GB RAM/128GB model or the 8GB RAM/512GB model, all you need to do is to top up the purchase price with a nominal RM100 to be eligible for the Samsung Yearly Upgrade Program. Once you’re in, you get a ton of rewards instantly for free. Gratis. On the house.

Depending on your choice of payment, you are entitled to slightly different perks. If you purchase the phone outright with cash or a one-time credit card purchase, you get a free Screen Protection Plus policy worth RM298 inclusive of SST which entitles you to fix the display for free, once, in the unlikely event you prang it by accident.

Alternatively, if you purchase the phone via Samsung’s Easy Payment Plan (EPP) scheme under the 12-month installment program, you get one month installment waived which works out to an RM308.25 discount off the the 128GB variant price of RM3,699 and RM383.25 off the 512GB variant price of RM4,599.

You’ll still need to pay all 12 installments of course but this free 1 month installment waiver is split across all payments so you’re only paying RM282.56 per month for the 128GB variant and RM351.31 per month for the 512GB variant across the 12 month installment period.

What other good stuff do we get for the Samsung Yearly Upgrade Program?

In a word, plenty. Signing up for the programme gets you a heap of 5,000 free Samsung Rewards Points that you can instantly redeem for other goods and services. Most importantly, you are eligible for a 10% discount off the purchase of the next Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone that will make its appearance next year.

There is some fine print of course. You need to purchase your Galaxy Note9 and sign up for the program as it has a limited duration that runs from now till 2 December 2018 or while stocks last. The offer is also good at all Samsung Experience Stores, Samsung Preferred Partners Platinum, SenHeng and SenQ outlets nationwide.

For more details on the Samsung Yearly Upgrade Program, swing by their official page at

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