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The scorching weather in Malaysia almost all year round means that getting an air conditioner is often a necessity to remain comfortable at home though many homeowners hesitate at the potential up-front cost of investing in an air conditioner as well as the bill to keep it running especially under the typical blazing heat of Malaysian weather. 

Fortunately, the Samsung WindFree™ Premium Plus air conditioners are an ideal and affordable solution that blends the latest innovations in cooling technology in a compact footprint ideal for any home.

While traditional air conditioners of generations past simply churn out cold air regardless of the size of the room, usage profiles or ambient temperature, the new Samsung WindFree™ Premium Plus air conditioners are part of a new generation of Smart Air conditioners from Samsung that are both intelligent and efficient in equal measure.

Leveraging the latest smart technologies, the Samsung WindFree™ Premium Plus air conditioners offer better and more energy efficient cooling performance over its service life and integrate intelligent AI Auto Cooling, allowing it to analyse usage patterns to offer a more comfortable cooling experience.

Samsung Windfree cool 1

A series of 23,000 micro holes spread across its chassis enable the Samsung WindFree

That’s not all as the Samsung WindFree™ Premium Plus air conditioners are also conveniently controllable via the SmartThings mobile app on any smartphone. On top of cutting edge performance, the Samsung WindFree™ Premium Plus air conditioners are affordable additions to your home via a variety of attractive subscription plans starting from as low as RM88/month. 

These innovations are just the tip of the iceberg of what Samsung’s innovative WindFree™ Premium Plus air conditioners have to offer and here’s why they are wonderfully ideal choices to keep your home in Malaysia.

No more cold drafts with WindFree technology

One of the biggest shortcomings befalling most air conditioners is a tendency to emit a chilling cold draft  that blasts through the room along with a loud hum which makes sleeping with it on at home or even concentrating on a task a challenge.

The Samsung WindFree™ Premium Plus air conditioner tackles this complication by gently dispersing air through 23,000 micro holes throughout its chassis to create a cooling ‘Still Air1 environment by ensuring low air speed and significantly less noise while ensuring a wider, more even dispersal of cool air. 

samsung windfree and fast cooling

Better yet, it also features a powerful Fast Cooling mode that can rapidly cool down a room in minutes along with a host of energy saving features including a powerful WindFree™ Cooling mode that enables it to consume 77%2 less energy than its Fast Cooling mode so you can still comfortably stay cool without an exorbitant electric bill at the end of the month.

It also features Digital Inverter Boost technology that is able to cool the air 43%3 faster while featuring a 15% larger fan, 18% wider inlet and 31% wider fan blade to ensure that refreshing, cooling air is dispersed farther and wider in a room for better comfort.

Intelligent AI Auto Cooling and SmartThings app

The Samsung WindFree™ Premium Plus air conditioner is exceptionally intelligent and has AI Auto Cooling4 that is able to optimise cooling by analysing your usage behaviour and living conditions to offer optimised performance when you need it most and at your favourite settings. To make life simpler, it is able to automatically switch to the most appropriate mode based on the time of day such as dialling down the intensity at night before you sleep.

Samsung Windfree smartthings app

The Samsung SmartThings app is free to download for iOS and Android phones and enables easy control of a Samsung air conditioner

That’s not all as the Samsung WindFree™ Premium Plus air conditioner is able to work with the downloadable and free SmartThings5 app on your smartphone, allowing users to remotely6 control it anytime, anywhere such as turning it on remotely before you get home or to check settings without having to find the remote control! It’s even able to suggest the best settings for you to help you enjoy the best cooling experience too!

Powerful Triple Air Care and Auto Clean for Peace of Mind

One of the biggest concerns out there is the fact that the air we’re breathing in is often full of allergens and potential pollutants be it dust, bacteria or pollen that can cause allergies or potentially exacerbate other health problems. 

Samsung Windfree cool 4 tri

The Samsung WindFree™ Premium Plus air conditioner tackles this problem head-on with a triple layer Tri-Care Filter that is able to extract large dust particles, fine dust and reduce the prevalence of certain viruses, bacteria and allergens to ensure you breathe easier.

Over a period of time, an air conditioner and its filters can end up clogged with mould, dirt and worse which can also create an off-putting smell but the Samsung WindFree™ Premium Plus air conditioner resolves this conundrum handily as it has an efficient 3-step Auto Clean mode that efficiently prevents build-up of bacteria and bad odours.

Samsung Windfree auto clean

This is paired with an easy to clean Easy Filter Plus with convenient access for maintenance while its dense mesh array and anti-bacterial coating helps make cleaning easy and also protects you against airborne contaminants7.

Here’s why owning the Samsung WindFree™ Premium Plus air conditioner simply makes sense from just RM88/month

The Samsung WindFree™ Premium Plus air conditioner represents an innovative combination of next-generation technologies that ensure powerful, efficient performance and owning it simply makes sense as Samsung is offering a whole range of fantastic perks that make owning one easier than ever.

samsung windfree perks


Rather than purchasing it outright, the Samsung WindFree™ Premium Plus air conditioner has a host of affordable plans ranging from 1 to 3 years from RM88/month to enjoy its exceptional cooling performance within your means.

Alongside flexible plans, the Samsung WindFree™ Premium Plus air conditioner enjoys a generous extended warranty plan for up to 3 years which also includes free installation from an experienced technician as well as regular maintenance on a quarterly basis throughout the plan period.

If anything goes awry, Samsung has a 24/7 Premium Customer Service Careline where help is just a phone call away. For more details on Samsung WindFree™ Premium Plus air conditioner  ownership plans, visit Samsung’s official page at  

Samsung Windfree cool 5

1 ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers) defines “Still Air” as air currents at speeds below 0.15m/s which lacks the presence of cold drafts.

2 Tested on the AR12TXCAAWKNEU model. WindFree™ mode generates only 23dB of noise, compared to 26dB with the Samsung conventional model.

3 Tested on the AR07T9170HA3 model, based on the power consumption of Fast Cooling mode vs. WindFree™ Cooling mode.

4 A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.** Stores user data, preferences and usage patterns to suggest the most useful options.

5  Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required. 

6 Voice control is supported in English (US, UK, Indian), Chinese, Korean, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Portuguese will also be supported by the end of 2019.

7 Tested in Korea test lab. Data has been measured under specific testing conditions and may vary depending on environmental factors and individual use.