Together for Tomorrow

Samsung shares inspiring ‘Together for Tomorrow’ vision of the future at CES 2022

As one of the largest, most influential tech companies on the planet, Samsung Electronics is a mainstay at CES where they showcase their latest offerings for the year across their entire sphere of influence from TVs to phones but this time around at CES 2022, the tech titan unveiled its vision for the future in a special pre-show keynote event.

At CES 2022, Mr. Jong-Hee (JH) Han, Vice Chairman, CEO and Head of Device eXperience (DX) shared his keynote about Samsung’s vision  of ‘Together for Tomorrow’ that aims to empower everyone, drive collaboration and help to tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges by introducing meaningful partnerships, sustainability initiatives and customisable and connected technologies.

Underlying their vision of ‘Together for Tomorrow’ are three pillars that Samsung is actively working to achieve and which they shared in their CES 2022 keynote – ‘Everyday Sustainability’, ‘ Customised Experiences to Empower Users’ and ‘Seamless Connectivity’ Here’s how they all fit together to offer a better tomorrow…

Together for Tomorrow – Everyday Sustainability 

One of the key concepts underlying Samsung’s ‘Together for Tomorrow’ is what the brand defines as ‘everyday sustainability’ by implementing low-impact manufacturing, footprint reducing packaging and more sustainable customer experiences as well as disposing products responsibly after the end of their life cycles.

Together for Tomorrow everyday sustainability

Elements of ‘everyday sustainability’ have already been put into practice prior in the last few years such as reducing and using more sustainable packaging such as eco-friendly inks and removing chargers in Samsung products, upcycling the packaging in their QLED TVs into other items such as furniture seen at CES 2020 and more across their entire value chain. 

That’s not all as Samsung is taking things a step further with plans to use 30 times more recycled plastics in their Visual Display business and also in mobile products and home appliances over the next three years. The brand has also tackled e-waste in a meaningful fashion with over five million tons of e-waste collected since 2009 which is a monumental achievement indeed.

Of note with their ‘everyday sustainability’ initiative is the introduction of a SolarCell Remote control that has an integrated solar panel to eliminate battery wastage and which will be made open source to  allow other companies to use the design.

Samsung solarcell remote

The SolarCell Remote will see service in new Samsung TVs and home appliances in the future with the end-goal of making all TVs and phone chargers operate on near zero standby power by 2025 in order to ensure that products will consume almost no energy when not in use.

Together for Tomorrow solarcell remote

Together for Tomorrow – Customised Experiences to Empower Users

When it comes to mass production for consumer tech, there’s often little space for customisation for products but Samsung is changing that perspective with new manufacturing techniques such as their customised variants for the Galaxy Z Flip3 and their Bespoke fridges

As part of their initiative to offer customised viewing experiences for all, Samsung introduced a new Freestyle portable display that can project up to 100 inches and offer cinema quality viewing anywhere on the go along with a Samsung Gaming Hub set to launch in 2022 for playing cloud and console games. Samsung is also introducing an Odyssey Ark, a 55-inch curved gaming screen.

During the keynote, Samsung elaborated more on ‘Customised Experiences to Empower Users’ and that they aim to expand their Bespoke vision of customised devices not only to home appliances like their Bespoke fridges and smartphones but to large screen devices too.

Together for Tomorrow  – Seamless Connectivity

Connecting to devices to share, download or stream content be it a movie or even a set of files from work is often an arduous task if you use devices from different manufacturers and this challenge is exacerbated in the pursuit of a smart home to get a bunch of different devices to work together.

Now, Samsung is aiming to help make seamless connectivity and creating a smart home a more practical reality by offering customised experiences with their SmartThings Hub service that integrates a myriad of SmartThings services into a convenient one-stop device to easily manage household appliances and other smart devices in one fell swoop.

The SmartThings Hub will be a built-in feature for Samsung’s next generation of 2022 TVs, Family Hub refrigerators and Smart Monitors, allowing them to act as a nexus for a smart home ad make connected living easier for everyone.

Together for Tomorrow everyday sustainability

Rather than going down the simple path of keeping everything within a walled ecosystem, Samsung is taking things forward as a founding member of the Home Connectivity Alliance (HCA) to drive and encourage greater interoperability, greater safety and data security and increased energy efficiency across a host of appliances, devices and products across multiple brands that are members of the alliance including Haier, GE and more without compromising performance, safety or security 

As a global coalition of smart home appliance manufacturers, HCA members share a belief that connected ecosystems and digital technology will allow us to further develop product experiences that are elegant, hyper-personalized, and truly smart for our consumers,” said Katherine Shin, Vice President of Customer Experience at Trane Technologies. “The HCA invites any global manufacturers with a similar vision for efficiency, interoperability and innovation to come and build with us.”

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