Samsung #TeamUnstoppableMY campaign kicks off in Malaysia; stand a chance to win a Galaxy Z Flip3 1

If you’ve always believed in achieving the impossible and to ‘do what you can’t’, you’re in luck as Samsung Malaysia has kicked off their inspirational #TeamUnstoppableMY movement in Malaysia in collaboration with a regional #TeamUnstoppable movement taking place across Southeast Asia and where you, yes you, can stand the chance to win a spanking new Galaxy Z Flip3.

#TeamUnstoppableMY Campaign

What is #TeamUnstoppableMY

Starting from today, Samsung is premiering a #TeamUnstoppable campaign film that showcases the stories of 5 visionary individuals across Southeast Asia who have successfully pursued their dreams. The five selected individuals, with one from each country are Imran Aqil from Malaysia, Margielyn Didal from the Philippines, Jacob Julian Lau from Singapore, Sarnt Sunbeary from Thailand and Truong Mỹ Anh from Vietnam.

You can catch the #TeamUnstoppable regional film featuring all 5 of these visionaries here.

These 5 individuals embody the ethos of ‘do what others say you can’t’ in word and deed, fighting against the odds and societal norms to achieve success in their respective fields of endeavour. Here’s how they made it to the big time – 

  • Imran Aqil from Malaysia, a content creator, actor and social volunteer who is scaling his humanitarian missions to create a meaningful difference.
  • Margielyn Didal from the Philippines, who is overcoming social conventions to succeed as a professional skateboarder and has won a gold medal in the 2018 Asian Games.
  • Jacob Julian Lau from Singapore, who overcame introversion and self-doubt after choosing dance as his career.
  • Sarnt Sunbeary from Thailand, a content creator and entrepreneur who is undaunted by the challenges associated with managing her popular milk and tea shop business.
  • Truong Mỹ Anh in Vietnam, who embraced self-love and confidence to become a recognized singer who made her debut at 18.

Samsung Malaysia will be releasing a local #TeamUnstoppableMY featurette featuring our own Imran Aquil’s story tomorrow on 7th September 2021. From tomorrow until 30th September 2021, users can submit their own ‘do what you can’t stories’ via TikTok or Instagram and one winner stands a chance to win the powerful new Galaxy Z Flip3 while 10 other winners will win awesome consolation prizes.

For more details on the competition and how to join the #TeamUnstoppabeMY movement, swing by 

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