Samsung signage solutions now greener as part of Together for Tomorrow vision 1

Samsung signage solutions now greener as part of Together for Tomorrow vision

Samsung has gone to significant lengths to become more ecologically friendly in their operations across the globe as part of their overarching ‘Together for Tomorrow’ initiative to minimise resource waste and implement more sustainable practices throughout their processes and initiatives..

They’ve achieved significant milestones by implementing more sustainable packaging for their smartphones and TVs but they’re now taking the next step, announcing new changes by implementing low-impact product manufacturing practices and resource acquisition for their monitor and signage solutions at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2022 conference in Barcelona.

As part of this initiative, Samsung is implementing System on Chip (SoC) solutions to monitors and signage that allow content to be displayed without the need for additional devices to save on waste and energy while also extending product lifespans by making them more durable to minimise waste.

They’ve also applied more recycled materials in selected monitor and digital signage products to reduce waste such as the rear covers of selected monitors and digital signage to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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In recognition of their efforts, Samsung has been awarded with an Energy Star certification in addition to an EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) for its improvements in energy efficiency and recycled plastic use in their 2022 Smart Signage line-up.

Samsung was also lauded as the winner of ‘Sustainability Innovation of the Year’ at the AV News Awards on 10th May 2022. For more on Samsung’s display technologies, check out their official page at