Samsung The Sero, The Frame and The Serif Lifestyle TVs blend performance and exquisite design 1

First unveiled at CES 2020 earlier this year, Samsung’s The Sero TV as well as the latest incarnations of their The Frame TV and The Serif, all of which exemplify their new lifestyle oriented segment of TVs that blend unique features, posh design and their customary cutting edge tech in unique form factors.

All three TVs have finally arrived in Malaysia and Samsung showcased all three in an intimate preview in Kuala Lumpur. Here’s what makes them unique…

samsung sero serif frame

The Sero TV

Korean for ‘vertical’, the Sero is perhaps the most unique offering out of the bunch as it’s a Smart TV designed for a generation highly connected to social media. As you’d surmise from its name, the Sero is able to rotate it’s 43-inch 4K resolution QLED panel vertically on demand for users to enjoy vertically-oriented content like that on TikTok and other social media platforms.

It’s also a dab hand for enjoying your Facebook and Instagram feed once it’s paired up with your smartphone. The Sero TV also features AI upscaling to ensure that content viewed on it is upscaled to near 4K resolution, ensuring sharp detail and rich hues and it has what it calls Adaptive Picture tech, dynamically adjusting the tone and colour based on ambient light conditions so you can watch content under optimum conditions every time.

samsung sero tv

To round off its unique viewing experience, the Sero TV  integrates in a series of speakers to offer up 4.1Ch 60W sound to rock your world. You can optionally add a series of rollers to it to make it much easier to move around though they’re sold separately. In Malaysia, the Sero TV is yours for a mere RM6,999. For more details swing by

The Serif TV

When you get the award-winning Bouroullec brothers paired with Samsung’s cutting edge imaging tech, you get a work of art that’s both functional and beautiful in equal measure which is embodied in their Serif Smart TV. 

samsung serif

When viewed from the side, the Serif TV has a unique I-shaped frame built around a 55-inch 4K QLED panel equipped with all of Samsung’s customary cutting edge tech including their AI upscaling mode for near 4K resolution footage onscreen and Adaptive Picture tech for great visuals with just the right contrast and brightness settings depending on ambient lighting conditions. In Malaysia, the Serif is available for RM6,599. For more details swing by

samsung serif render

The Frame TV

Conceived based on a design concept of filling in the gaping darkness of a TV when it’s turned off in a living room, the Frame is unique in that it can mimic a picture frame when you’re not viewing content on it and turning into a 4K QLED TV on demand.

samsung frame
When you leave The Frame off, you can view artistic masterpieces from a variety of masters both new and old at will. You can also source more exclusive artistic collections by paying RM22 a month.

As a TV, The Frame has all the tech befitting a telly of Samsung origin including their AI upscaling tech and superb colour reproduction. The Frame TV also comes with different optional frames to fit the decor of your home. Depending on your needs, you can acquired the 55-inch Frame for RM6,499 or the larger 65-inch Frame for RM10,999. For more details check out their page at

Merdeka Gemilang TV Promotions

For a limited time only, Samsung is giving away free gifts when you buy the Serif, the Frame and the Sero Smart TVs in Malaysia. If you buy the Serif or Sero, you can get a free air purifier worth RM999. If you buy the 65-inch Frame, you can get a larger Samsung smart air purifier worth RM1,799. For more details check out

Samsung gemilang promo tv

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