If you’re part of that particular demographic who appreciate vertically oriented videos, much like those appearing on TikTok and Instagram but really want to see it all its full glory rather than on a smartphone display, rejoice as Samsung has heard you and unveiled something unique at CES 2020 that will have you in paroxysms of joy. Enter the Sero TV.

Samsung Sero TV

The Sero TV which means ‘vertical’ and ‘new’ in Korean, is rather aptly named as it is has a mechanism to rotate its 43-inch 4K panel into portrait mode to watch vertically oriented content.

Sero TV

Once paired with a smartphone, you can mirror the display and watch your social media feeds and its vertical orientation should make scrolling through Facebook a more pleasant experience while watching stuff like TikTok or Instagram videos should be more immersive without having to endure the usual letterboxing if you watch it in landscape mode.

Samsung Sero TV

On that part, the Sero TV facilitates easy pairing with smartphones to enjoy viewing content on your TikTok and Instagram feeds. Samsung Galaxy smartphone users can simply tap the side of the TV with their phone for instant pairing via NFC with iPhone users getting AirPlay 2 support though they’ll need to use the provided remote control to swap screen orientation.

Samsung Sero TV

The integrated stand is non-removable and is placed just high enough so that it doesn’t knock onto the floor when it flips orientation. It also packs a 60W 4.1-channel speaker system to kick out sufficient volume to enjoy everything from games to movies.

The Samsung Sero TV will initially be available in South Korea at a price of KRW 19,000,000 which translates to about RM6,678. There’s no word on if it will hit Malaysia but it’s uniquely appropriate  TV for the social media generation. Stay tuned for more coverage on Samsung’s latest offerings at CES 2020. For more details stay tuned to their official newsroom here.

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