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Ahead of CES 2021 Samsung has unveiled their latest lineup of TVs that are set to grace living rooms across the globe. In their world first virtual First Look event ahead of the grand CES 2021 show, Samsung revealed the new Neo QLED, MICRO LED and new Lifestyle TV range in a live streamed event across the planet.

Samsung ‘Going Green’ Initiative for packaging 

While the new TVs took center stage, Samsung also took the time to emphasise their efforts in Going Green. Among their efforts is the initiative to upcycle much of their packaging, especially in their larger devices like TVs and the like.

Samsung eco packaging

Rather than simply being tossed into the bin, the new packaging moving forward will be able to be cut and configured to form all manner of unique furniture or fun toys, giving what was originally a box a new lease of life. This initiative was first glimpsed in CES 2020 earlier last year and it’s great to see that they’ve expanded the programme with even more designs and cutouts.

Another eco-friendly initiative on Samsung’s part is the inclusion of a solar-powered remote control that can be charged sunlight, indoor light or a USB to save on batteries with some 99 million AAA batteries estimated to be saved over 7 years. The remote controls will also feature 24% recycled content from bottles.

samsung eco package 2 shelf


Neo QLED technology hits the field for Samsung TVs

Making its first global debut, Samsung is showcasing their Neo QLED display tech that will see service in their flagship QN900A 8K and QN90A 4K flagship TV models.

Samsung NEO QLED
The new Neo QLED relies on a new light source dubbed as Quantum Mini LEDs that’s smaller and vastly more efficient. To wit, it’s 1/40 the height of a conventional LED and uses super thin micro layers filled with even more LEDs with the whole affair controlled in a precise fashion by what Samsung calls a Neo Quantum picture processor that’s specifically designed to manage Neo QLED panels.


These Neo Quantum Processors are also able to upscale existing footage, using 16 different neural network models, each of which has been optimised for a specific genre of content to optimise viewed footage to 4K and 8K resolution.

The incredibly precise nature of QLED tech means that Samsung is able to tackle blooming in viewed footage where light bleeds into darker areas of a picture creating a ‘halo’ or ‘blooming’ effect. It also enables improvements in luminance scale to 12-bit with 4,096 steps to enable brilliantly bright whites and deep blacks. 

Samsung NEO QLED front

The new Neo QLED powered 8K TVs from Samsung will also feature Object Tracking Sound (OTS) Pro for more atmospheric, dynamic sound. It also has a rather novel SpaceFit Sound feature that analyses the surrounding area of the TV and optimises sound output to maximise performance.

Samsung Neo QLED angled side

Other mod-cons with the new TVs include a more refined Slim One Connect box that’s slimmer and which can be attached to the rear of the TV and where all the cables can go including power for a neater look.

That’s not all, Samsung has also aimed to make the new TVs more versatile seeing as we’re staying at home more often. They’ve introduced a Samsung Health mode that has a virtual trainer of sorts that can help you with workouts and help improve your form.

Gamers will also appreciate a new Super Ultrawide GameView mode that lets you expand games to 21:9 or a 32:9 aspect ratio. There’s no word on specifics bar the new 8K and 4K flagship lines but we’ll keep you posted.

Samsung Neo QLED living room

Micro LEDs with Monolith design to make TV debut

Samsung’s Micro LED tech isn’t exactly a new kid on the block and has been seen since in various incarnations since 2018 though primarily in large commercial applications like huge screens in malls, stadiums and whatnot with the advantage of being customisable in width and length by assembling the panels in the fashion of a slab of Lego.

This year, Samsung has made the Micro LED ready for a home debut with what they’re calling a ‘Monolith’ styled TV in humongous 110-inch, 99-inch and smaller sizes.

Samsung Micro LED TV

The advantage of such a humongous screen lends itself to spectator sports and one particular feature Samsung was keen to showcase was their 4Vue (Quad View) that lets you view up to 4 content sources – this can conceivably mean 4 attached consoles simultaneously onscreen.

There’s no details yet but the new Micro LEDs will have ‘Majestic Sound’ for 5.1 channel sound without the need for external speakers. No word on prices yet but we’ll keep you posted.

Samsung micro LED TVNew Lifestyle TVs – The Terrace and a refined slimmer The Frame


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For 2021, Samsung has refreshed and added new offerings for their lifestyle oriented TVs. Joining the line-up is a new The Terrace TV that’s intended for outdoor setups so you can, if the need ever struck you, watch TV on the patio or terrace.


Samsung has also showcased a lighter, slimmer The Frame TV that’s half as slim as its predecessor with five colour options and two different styles to match whatever home decor setup you have at home.

The Frame Samsung upgrade

As it’s still early days, there’s no word on pricing or availability for any of these new offerings but we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime you can also keep an eye on their official page at 


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